Providence Life Services’ Torchlight 2017 a success

CHICAGO–We want to thank everyone who helped make Providence Life Services’ Torchlight 2017 a success. This year’s event, held at the Union League Club in Chicago on Nov. 3, yielded a capacity crowd of people who support the mission of Providence Life Services. The evening began with light hors d’oeuvres and mingling, giving guests a chance to view the exclusive artwork in the galleries. The walls were filled with over 800 works from famous artists over a range of styles, subjects, and movements. Before dinner, the group reflected on achievements from Providence over the past year, and how much the support of its constituents made possible. Key events from 2017 include the opening of Park Place of St. John, Joint Commission Accreditation, and the expansion of services from Providence at Home. After dinner, guests were invited to enjoy more art and dessert. Every couple received a parting gift as they left as a token of Providence’s appreciation of their support. We look forward to another year of service with the support of our friends in 2018. To view a gallery of photos from the event, click here.

Saratoga Grove veterans honored in special chapel and men’s group meeting

DOWNER’S GROVE, Ill.—Saratoga Grove veterans honored in a chapel service led by Chaplain Heino Blaauw last Thursday commemorated Veteran’s Day. Throughout the service, which was attended by about 40 residents, the group sang patriotic hymns. Then those who could stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. One of the most striking moments came when Heino read the list of Saratoga Grove residents who were Veterans. A variety of veterans in attendance were acknowledged, including one woman who had been a medical volunteer at a VA hospital, and who received the Presidential Pin of Honor. The group joined in a special Veteran’s Day prayer, which included these words: “Lord, you have inspired many of best and brightest to proudly serve our beloved country. We gather today to remember our military personnel. We acknowledge that their service enables us to walk as free men and women in this land. Lord, today we seek to honor your sons and daughters who have served or who are serving our country.” Heino then shared a passage from Proverbs and discussed what true love and sacrifice means. At the men’s group meeting after chapel, several of the men from Saratoga Grove and Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center […]

Park Place Elmhurst resident, veteran escaped POW camps twice

ELMHURST, Ill. –Don Thomas, a Park Place Elmhurst resident for the past two years, always had a spirit of adventure. “He was always taking trips,” Mavis, his wife of 45 years, says. Don has stories of hitchhiking across the country, of a championship high school basketball season, and life growing up in Minnesota. He speaks like an expert story teller, recounting 95 years of life in detail. But his most compelling story is of his time in World War II, where his adventurous spirit likely spared his life, as he escaped Prisoner of War camp twice. Don never planned to join the military. “I had friends who had joined the National Guard, and they wanted me to come, too. But I had my own plans.” Those plans included studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Don, a bright and capable student, aced every test that he took. But his spirit of adventure kept him out of class, and finally, his professor sat him down. “I had friends who had joined the National Guard, and they wanted me to come, too. But I had my own plans,” Park Place Elmhurst resident remembers. “He told me that I’d missed too many […]

A celebration: Village Woods centenarian turns 107 years young

CRETE, Ill. —107 years goes by in the blink of an eye. Just ask Catherine Walter, the Village Woods centenarian who turned 107 last Friday. Catherine says she came to live at Village Woods when she was “one-hundred-and-a-half” years old. She had been living in an apartment in Thornton, and, as her eyesight began to wane, her family urged her that, even though she enjoyed living alone, it was not safe anymore. Her family thought that Village Woods was “the ideal place,” close to the communities where she had lived her life in Dolton and Thornton, and with help at the ready if she needed it. But even at Village Woods, she resided in the independent living wing, and, only in recent years, has moved to assisted living. Friday she celebrated her remarkable birthday with 100 of her closest family and friends at her home at Village Woods. “You had to put a nickel in it to get the operator,” the Village Woods centenarian says about her family’s first telephone. Catherine lived through both World Wars, 20 presidents, and the Great Depression. She had the first radio on her block, and, later, the first television. Catherine describes the family telephone, […]