Residents show their hearts some love with SeniorFITness

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (February 2015) — Whether you have a sweetheart or not, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to think about your own heart — specifically, about heart health. Every year since 1963, the President has issued a proclamation declaring February “American Heart Month.” (You can read this year’s official proclamation here.) The American Heart Association notes that there are many things that Americans can do to fight heart disease, and that there’s good reason to do so: heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, and it affects more than one in three American adults. But you can lower your risk by improving your health, and one big way to do that is through regular exercise. At Providence communities, one of the ways for residents to stay fit is with SeniorFITness, a service provided by Symbria. According to the Symbria website, SeniorFITness is designed to improve strength, balance, mobility, and cognitive health. The program is customized for seniors in any setting, from skilled nursing to assisted living to independent living. SeniorFITness is available at Park Place of Elmhurst, Royal Park Place, Victorian Village, Village Woods, and Saratoga Grove. “SeniorFITness is a wonderful program that gets people moving at Saratoga Grove,” said […]

Students, residents benefit from intergenerational classes

ELMHURST, Ill. (February 2015) — When Timothy Christian High School added an interim term, called “Renew,” it was an opportunity for students to experience new things. For some students, that meant intergenerational learning. Timothy teachers created classes for the school’s new nine-day term, and five of them included interaction with residents at next-door senior living community Park Place of Elmhurst. Timothy and Park Place have worked together many times in the past, as part of their intergenerational program, Bridges. The program includes a Park Place booster club that supports Timothy soccer, and Timothy “technical advisers,” who help Park Place residents program their remote or hook up their printer. Student artists can show their work in the Park Place Gallery, and Park Place residents host Ping-Pong games against students every other week. Some students volunteer regularly with the program, but for others, the Renew classes gave them their first experience with intergenerational learning. In some of the Renew classes, Park Place residents were teaching their young visitors: “Beyond Texting” was advertised to teenagers who could learn a few things about interpersonal communication. At the end of the course, they went down the road to try out their communication skills with the resident […]

Elmhurst artist’s mural honors Park Place residents

ELMHURST, Ill. (February 2015) — Pat loved being a housewife, and she enjoys gardening; Art was a surgeon, tennis player, and golfer. These facts are posted in a freshly painted mural in the Gilead, the memory care area at Park Place Health and Wellness Center. The mural, painted by local artist Donna Castellanos, shares details about the 20 Gilead residents — details about who they were and who they are, details they themselves might not always remember. This information helps visitors and other families learn more about each resident. A quote at the bottom reads, “Time passes … memories fade … but the heart never forgets.” The idea for the mural came from the life enrichment staff – there was a large open wall near the entrance to the area, and they wanted to use it for something meaningful. Health and Wellness Center Life Enrichment Director Kathy Groenendyk had a vision for a tree, because over time, the residents and their families become like one large family. “From when we opened (in 2012), I wanted to put something on that wall, and somehow, the vision of a Gilead family tree came up,” Groenendyk said. “We wanted something beautiful, something that tells about […]

First in Illinois: residents move into Small House

HOMER GLEN, Ill. (February 2015) — The first Small House residents in the state of Illinois received a celebrity’s welcome at Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center on Monday, Feb. 2. Viola Van Dam, 94, and Della Riley, 90, moved into the newly-opened skilled nursing home yesterday morning, in a celebration complete with ribbon-cutting, welcome poems, and cake. It was an important moment in senior living — the women will be receiving innovative care in a unique setting, and are the first in the state to do so — but according to Administrator Dave Tiemersma, this welcome is something that all Small House residents can expect. “We will have a welcome for each of our new residents, as that is part of the Small House model,” he said. Small Houses, which are similar to what is called the Green House Project, are revolutionizing the traditional nursing home model — they are designed like a home, not an institution. The Health & Wellness Center, on the Victorian Village campus in Homer Glen, consists of three home-like buildings that will serve up to 50 total people with skilled nursing, rehab, and memory care needs. They are centered on a large, open kitchen, which […]

2014 Annual Report

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (January 2015) — One hundred years ago, in 1914, a parsonage was transformed into the first Holland Home, a retirement community serving 14 residents. We celebrate those humble beginnings — and our bright future — in this year’s Annual Report. Click the image to download the PDF! And thank you for being part of the Providence family.