Older Americans Month celebrates seniors’ contributions

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (May 2015) — Older adults are a vital part of our society. Since 1963, communities across the country have shown their gratitude by celebrating Older Americans Month each May. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Get into the Act,” to focus on how older adults are taking charge of their health, getting engaged in their communities, and making a positive impact in the lives of others. The theme also reflects on the 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Older Americans Act into law in July 1965. Since that time, the Act has provided a nationwide aging services network and funding that helps older adults live with dignity in the communities of their choice for as long as possible. While Providence Life Services provides a full continuum of care to older adults year-round, Older Americans Month offers an opportunity to emphasize how older adults can access services they need to live as independently as possible. It is also an occasion to highlight how older adults are engaging with and making a difference in their communities. Click below to read stories about some of the Providence residents who are engaged and making […]

Reading through history

Saratoga Grove resident named Downers Grove Historian of the Year DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (May 2015) — After spending more than three quarters of a century in Downers Grove, John Breen knows a thing or two about his town. The Saratoga Grove resident was named the 2015 Historian of the Year by the Downers Grove Historical Society, in honor of the volunteer work he has been doing at the Downers Grove Museum for nearly 20 years. Breen was a pharmacist for much of his life, making him more a scientist than a historian. But he’s always been interested in the past. “I’ve read quite a bit of history,” he said. In his work at the Downers Grove Museum, Breen has been doing a lot of reading. The museum has to file information on each object donated, and over the last few years, Breen has taken on the arduous task of filing a large collection of letters — which means that he reads through each of them and records the content. Breen received a crystal plaque bearing his Historian of the Year title, and he was celebrated with a ceremony at the Downers Grove Library earlier this month. He’s a little embarrassed […]

Dining in style at Saratoga Grove

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (May 2015) — Have you seen the new dining room at Saratoga Grove yet? It is serving some very happy residents. Renovations at the community, completed earlier this year, centered on the completely redesigned, reinstalled, and repositioned buffet line. Saratoga Grove staff sought input from residents — whose recommendations resulted in the new and highly anticipated Panini grill — before custom-building the line with a team of architects and designers. It was expanded to allow for a wider variety of food options, and the serving trays were downsized to keep fresh food available. The layout of the room was also changed to provide for more seating and more space for entertainers. Residents can still walk through the buffet line or choose to be served at their table, but they’ll have new options to choose from – not only Panini sandwiches, but also different pastas, made-to-order omelets, and waffles. And now there’s an ice cream freezer built right in to the buffet. The new location of the buffet is also conveniently close to the kitchen for Chef Victor and his staff. The old buffet line had been there since the building opened 25 years ago, and remodeling it […]

Rehab opens at Victorian Village

HOMER GLEN, Ill. (May 2015) — On Monday, May 11, Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center officially opened its rehab building — the largest of the three “Small House” buildings. The Center recently received Medicare certification, and administration expects to see both the number of rehab clients and the number of new staff members steadily increase until the Homer Glen campus is able to serve residents at full capacity. At the rehab building, therapists and staff work together to help people return to their highest level of independence after an injury or illness. Clients work with therapists for about an hour a day — they can do their rehab in the therapy gym, or they can practice the skills they need in a real home setting. “From an OT standpoint, we want to give people the skills they need to be independent at home — like eating, bathing, dressing,” said Swati Patel, one of the licensed Marianjoy occupational therapists at Victorian Village. Monday, she was working with a client to take out and put away dishes. “This (Small House) setting is nice — some places try to simulate home, but here I have real plates in real cabinets,” she said. […]

Providence Newsletter:
New Technology and New Development

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (May 2015) — Providence communities use advanced technology — not to be trendy, but to enhance lives. Download the May issue of our newsletter to read about: our newest community, in St. John, Indiana the Bionic Leg we are using in rehab the revolutionary Small House that’s changing lives in Homer Glen, Illinois the wide variety of clinical services available right in your home Just click the image to open a PDF that you can read online or send to your printer.