Park Place St. John reviews


The therapy was great. The accommodations were great. And the Manager at Park Place runs a tight ship!”
– J. C., rehab client, May 2017

It’s a wonderful place. It was like a castle when I walked in — I couldn’t believe it. The whole setup is nice.”
– J. S., rehab client, May 2017

This is the Cadillac of the business. It’s a beautiful place.”
– F. K., long-term care resident, April 2017

I just love it here! It’s as beautiful to me as my house was. I’m not at all sorry we moved. In fact, I’m really glad.”
– Julie Anderson, retirement living resident, April 2017
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The people are what really make or break a place. This is why Park Place is the best. Everyone makes everyone feel at home.
– J. D., new residents, December 2016


I give the therapy an A++. My doctor was very impressed with my progress. I said at Rush, ‘If you get any patients from northwest Indiana, you should refer them to Park Place!'”
– A. V., “Small House” rehab client, December 2016


It’s a Christian place. You can tell that people are serving because they have a kind heart. We’ve had a wonderful experience here. You should put us in the brochure!”
– M. C., wife of “Small House” rehab client, December 2016


Staff have been very accommodating. Very accommodating.”
– K. J., niece of our first “Small House” resident, October 2016
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I want to put a deposit down.”
– B. L., right after the August information presentation, 2015

We’ve been looking for a retirement home for a while now, and we had been hearing about the new Providence community going up in Indiana. We called and asked a lot of questions. After seeing all the floor plans, we’ve got our eye on a Sprucewood on the first floor, with an attached garage. We put in our deposit to make sure we get it!”
– B. and N., third depositors, 2015


It feels like I just won the million dollars. It feels fantastic. Exhilarating. Empowering. Overwhelming. I have a lot of friends and family in Indiana, so I’m happy to become a Hoosier. God is holding my hand and guiding me to Park Place — it will be my home until the end of my life, and I know I will be comfortable there.”
– D. K., first depositor, 2015