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“Providence is a beautiful place. My sister is here for rehab after a hip replacement. Compared to other nursing homes, this seems top notch, and my husband was in several and so was my mother, so I have lots of bases for comparison. The food is good, patients get a menu every day to make their selections for the following day. Physical therapy here is run by MarianJoy, another top flight outfit.” – L. T. (July 2017)

“I was there for an interview, I have to say that this is the first Rehabilitation Center that I have noticed that is clean extremely extremely clean!!! That’s 10 thumbs up on it’s own! The staff is very friendly, upbeat with Smiles on their faces, that’s something that you don’t find every day! that’s something that a company cannot instill in you, that’s something that people just love to do and that type of Love radiates and it allows their patients to get better and quicker because this type of love is positive and sincere!” – C.S. (April 2017)

I was treated like a queen; everyone was very nice and most accommodating.” – R. B., rehab client (January 2017)

“This is a wonderful place for rehab after surgery. It’s the people; they are caring, competent and compassionate, not to mention excellent therapists. The PT and OT people are trained at Marianjoy and they are the best. I was lucky with my surgeon so I didn’t have much pain or disability, so I was able to walk with a walker right away and could do the exercises that they suggested and helped me with. They taught me, step by step, how to do things when I went home without bending, twisting or lifting. The only thing that bugged me was the confusion about medication. But that was really the hospital’s fault for not making it clear to Providence when I was discharged from Good Samaritan. So, when you are leaving the hospital, make sure they know what you want about medications, like eye drops if you take them, and sleeping pills. They need a doc’s prescription for any meds. that you can’t bring with you. But this is a great, clean, active place and I would recommend it to anyone needing rehab after surgery.” – N. G., rehab client (December 2016)

During our visits at Providence, we could see there were many people—often quietly doing their work (custodians, Marianjoy Rehab staff, CNAs, nurses, healthcare providers)—who gave my mom special attention. We are grateful for the care and friendships. The volunteer who did my mother’s nails took pictures of Mom for us, played games with her, and was always cheerful. My mother enjoyed her company. Thank you , too, to the Admissions staff who guied our family through the administrative issues of living at Providence. Many times we relied on you to help us understand the process! Thank you from our family.” – Family of resident, August 2016

We needed Providence services for my mom, who needed care of several types. The services here were just excellent. …If you’re looking for a care facility for your loved ones, I would highly recommend Providence. It’s an excellent facility with excellent people. They really care.” – Paul Jarzombek, son of resident (2015)

My mother recently had hip replacement and was transferred to a place that offers very poor healthcare. So I called Providence. The Admission Director helped me and my mom do all the transfer to their place, and our experience has been AMAZING! Excellent nurses, excellent Occupational and Physical Therapists, experienced physicians, caring aides! I have no doubt that my mother’s rehabilitation will be very good and that she will return to her daily activities in a short period of time in a safer manner. Thank you Providence! I will recommend this facility to anyone. – S. M., daughter of rehab client, October 2015

When I came here, I couldn’t do anything. Therapy helps a lot. Without that, I don’t think you can make it. This is a really nice place. – L. M., 2015 rehab client

They do an excellent job. – M. F., 2015 rehab client

My experience at Providence was incredible. From the time I arrived I was warmly greeted. All of the staff treated me extremely well. The therapy I received was beyond belief. – J. F., rehab client

Please share with staff that I am doing well, and thank them for having a part of helping me get to this stage. I still have a lot to go, but at least I’m going in right direction! – F. M., rehab client

While we were saddened by the death of our beloved mother, we are incredibly thankful for the excellent care that she received from the staff at Providence over the last 9 years. The efforts of all to help make Mom comfortable, maintain her health, and feel worthwhile during her entire stay at Providence and especially in her last days were appreciated by her and certainly by us, her children. Your efforts bespeak a wonderful group of individuals who participate in a very special ministry. – D. V., son of resident