Skilled Nursing at Victorian Village

small house skilled nursingA new style
of Skilled Nursing

The “Small House” model of care is a new approach to skilled nursing, rehab, and memory care. Providence Life Services was the first to bring this style of care to Illinois, and soon we will bring it to St. John, Indiana, as well.

You can catch a glimpse of Small House living at Victorian Village in this short video:

Each Small House building houses only 10–30 people. Residents have private rooms, and those rooms are positioned to surround an open kitchen/dining area as well as a community living room. Residents are encouraged to participate in the life of the house to whatever extent they are able — helping with housekeeping, working in the garden, making decisions about outings, and more. People who are there to receive rehab will be encouraged to make actual household activities part of their rehab regimen — folding laundry, setting the table, and delivering mail, for example. Such involvement gives people a sense of purpose while exercising cognitive and motor skills.

To find out more about the Small House model of care, download our info sheet about the project:

Because there are only 20 Small House Skilled Nursing openings at Victorian Village, we are maintaining a waiting list for future residents. Contact us now to get your name on the list!