About Providence

With You, For You

At all Providence locations, through all Providence services, we all have opportunities to fulfill the Providence mission “to enhance the lives of those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Here’s what that looks like reflected in the care provided by our Providence staff:

And this is a downloadable guide to our Mission, Values, Faith, and Pillars.

Whether we are balancing budgets, emptying trash cans, running meetings, administering meds, answering phones, discussing decisions, reassuring families, keeping vigil, teaching CPR, taking vitals, serving lunch, making beds, answering emails, enforcing policies, writing ads, calling bingo, or cleaning wheelchairs — we are in a position to enhance lives.

Living the mission

What does it mean to “enhance people’s lives”? It might take the form of:

  • Fitness experts customizing exercise plans to improve balance, increase strength, and enhance mobility.
  • On-staff chefs preparing meals that are nutritious as well as delicious.
  • Life Enrichment teams offering outings that are entertaining and educational.
  • Chaplains and other counselors answering questions, offering comfort, and sharing life’s journey.
  • Residents checking in on each other and socializing over meals and coffee.
  • Caring staff becoming an extension of family.

A sense of ministry

As our bylaws say, “The Association shall be founded upon the infallible Word of God….” At all our communities, through all our services, our professionalism is excellent, but the sense of ministry behind it all is what really makes the difference.

Want to know more?

The Providence family consists of several distinct communities in Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana! These communities offer a variety of senior living services. To find out more, use these links: