History of Providence Life ServicesFrom this small beginning…

“Our people deserve better than this!” thought Richard Mulder to himself as he toured existing nursing homes in the late 1950s. The facilities were crowded, the rooms were small, the staff overworked. Mr. Mulder could see why he had been contacted to be part of a better solution.

Mulder’s passion served him well as our first Executive Director. In 1959, local churches and community representatives gathered for a ceremony surrounding the laying of the cornerstone of a new, better nursing home.

Burt Vanderlaan

In 1960, the completed building was dedicated. It was full from the very beginning.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Rev. John Van Harn said,

“This place shall be the scene of the continuous unfolding of the purposes of God in the ministry of mercy. From this small beginning the calls for enlargement and amplification will be many.”

His words turned out to be prophetic. Decade by decade, this ministry has grown to offer more and more services in more and more locations to more and more people.

We’ve organized some photos and highlights of our history by decade below, and you can view them clicking through the timeline: