ph-about-leadershipMemberships and accreditations

Providence Life Services is an active member of a number of organizations and associations whose goal is to ensure that seniors are able to choose from a broad range of high-quality living and service options. Our memberships include:


The mission of LeadingAge is to expand the world of possibilities for aging. It is a national organization of 6,000 not-for-profit senior service providers. LeadingAge also has a number of state-level branches, and Providence Life Services has joined the agency in each state where we operate: Illinois, Michigan and Indiana.

Argentum membership

Formerly known as the Assisted Living Federation of America, Argentum is a national association that advocates for choice, accessibility, independence, dignity, and quality of life for all seniors. They are a source of useful information for consumers who need help reviewing Assisted Living options, assessing senior living costs, and choosing an Assisted Living community.