ph-about-leadershipMemberships and accreditations

Providence Life Services is an active member of a number of organizations and associations whose goal is to ensure that seniors are able to choose from a broad range of high-quality living and service options. Our memberships include:


The mission of LeadingAge is to expand the world of possibilities for aging. It is a national organization of 6,000 not-for-profit senior service providers. LeadingAge also has a number of state-level branches, and Providence Life Services has joined the agency in each state where we operate: Illinois, Michigan and Indiana.

Argentum membership

Formerly known as the Assisted Living Federation of America, Argentum is a national association that advocates for choice, accessibility, independence, dignity, and quality of life for all seniors. They are a source of useful information for consumers who need help reviewing Assisted Living options, assessing senior living costs, and choosing an Assisted Living community.

Global Ageing Network (GAN), an international organization, is committed to helping people age with dignity. Their leaders set the stage for innovative ideas in senior living solutions. Members of GAN include global leaders from many different areas of expertise all working toward the same goal: ensuring that our aging population get an opportunity to have exceptional quality of life. It includes international leaders in aging services, housing, research, technology, and design.