Ageless Love

On Valentine’s Day 2012 Providence Life Services received news that four of our residents have been included in a special collection of love stories.

Double the Love

Larry and Lorraine Bultema lived at Holland Home in 2010, which is when their story was originally submitted. Their story, “Double the Love,” appears on page 10 of the book. It’s the story of two brothers who married twin sisters in a double wedding. Larry and Lorraine enjoyed more than 60 years of wedded bliss. That day in 2010, Larry smiled at his bride and said, “We don’t know how long we’ll still be around. We’re not as healthy as we used to be. But if we’re both around, I’m sure we’ll be together.”

Love Rekindled

Henry and Christine VandeKerk lived at Emerald Meadows. Their story, “Love Rekindled,” appears on page 21 of the book. It is a story of friendship, faithfulness, and coming full circle. After a lifetime apart, Henry and Christine were reunited in 1991. In December of that year, at the age of 78, they were married. When it came time to receive additional care, they chose Emerald Meadows, the Providence community in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Both stories are tender, sweet, and funny — a picture of what true love looks like.

Download the book

Janis R. Ehlers and Kerry Green-Phillips are the people responsible for compiling this collection, and we thank them for honoring our residents this way, and for making us aware of it in time for Valentine’s Day.

Please download the book and read these stories of Providence — and be inspired by ageless love!


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