Ralph enjoys a big life in the Small House at Park Place.

Ralph Trnka’s room in the Small House at Park Place of St. John certainly has his personal touch. The theme is nautical, pointing toward Ralph’s love of all things on the water. His wife Judy still lives in their townhouse in Tinley Park, but she visits regularly. It wasn’t an easy decision for Judy to move Ralph to Park Place. “I want to be with him, but I also want what’s best for him,” Judy says. Ralph’s physical needs had become too difficult for Judy to manage on her own at home. And because Ralph’s mind is so mentally fit, he wanted to stay active and involved with those around him. Park Place was the perfect fit for their family. “I don’t want to be a burden to anyone,” Ralph says. “I know that no one would ever feel that way, but I felt that way.” Ralph made the choice to move somewhere where trained, skilled professionals would take care of him. “I feel good about being right where I belong,” Ralph says. “And I am. I’m right where I belong.” Ralph’s daughters live nearby and visit frequently, and they bring their furry friends for visits, too. “Everyone loves when […]

Living with Epilepsy as an Older Adult

Although sometimes considered a childhood disorder, epilepsy can affect people of all ages. In fact, about 1 in 26 people will develop the condition in their lifetime. And in older adults, the symptoms can sometimes be confused with other disorders. Identifying epilepsy and getting the right treatment is important for living a healthy and independent life. Epilepsy is a chronic, neurological disorder, characterized by unpredictable seizures that are caused by unusual electrical impulses in the brain. There are two times in our lives when epilepsy is most likely to start – once in childhood, and again after age 65. For more than half of people living with epilepsy, no direct root cause can be determined. Identifying Epilepsy When we picture someone having a seizure, we often think of violent, jerking and shaking movements. But in reality, only a third of elderly patients who have epilepsy will actually experience convulsions. There are actually many different types of seizures, and some symptoms can be subtle and often mistaken for other conditions such as stroke. In older adults, the symptoms of a seizure may look like: Experiencing a sudden feeling of confusion or foreignness in a familiar place Feeling like you lost a […]

What makes a Providence Social Worker?

During the month of March, we celebrate National Professional Social Work Month to acknowledge the efforts of social workers everywhere, especially in our Providence Life Services family! At Providence, our social workers are an important part of our care teams at our Rehab and Skilled Nursing facilities, as well as within our Hospice ministry. But what makes a Providence social worker special? Eyes to See the Big Picture Social workers meet with newly-admitted clients to perform assessments, meaning they strive to understand the needs, desires, goals, and expectations of the patient and their family. They learn more about the situation at home, who has been the primary caregiver, and what kind of family dynamics are in play. These details play a big role in deciding on a plan of care. By putting these pieces of their life together, the social worker develops a picture of what treatments and supportive services the patient and their family may benefit from. Feet to Turn on a Dime One of the things most social workers say they enjoy about their job is that no two days are ever alike. Their to-do lists are often widely varied – from tracking down a missing pair of […]

2018 Annual Report

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (February 2019) — From continued expansion in Indiana, to a new service offering called “Providence Solutions” to help anyone navigate the world of aging, Providence Life Services continues to strive to achieve our mission of enhancing the live of those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ. Read more about these and other details of our ministry this past year in our 2018 Annual Report. Each year’s Annual Report gives the entire Providence family an opportunity to look back at God’s leadership and look around at the broad expanse of skills, personalities, and locations He has brought together to do His work. We pray you will be blessed as you catch a glimpse of the ministry that has been accomplished in 2018. Click here to download the 2018 Annual Report.        

6 Innovative Smartphone Apps for Seniors

According the Pew Research Center, 4 out of every 10 seniors now own a smartphone, more than double the amount who did so in 2013. As that number continues to grow, developers are creating more and more mobile applications – apps for short – that cater to the unique needs and interests of older adults. Beyond those you may already be familiar with, like Facebook and Skype, there are hundreds of innovative apps that make life easier, provide extra safety and security, and some that are just plain fun. We’ve curated a list of our favorite mobile apps below. Getting Started In a 2015 survey, about a third of older adults said they felt “only a little” or “not at all” confident when using computers, smartphones or other electronic devices. It can be intimidating to ask for help with a new device, but there are plenty of YouTube tutorial videos to help get you started: This video from AppFind is a complete beginners guide to the iPhone 7. The video is nearly 2 hours long, but is broken down into chapters so you can skip ahead, or easily re-watch a segment. This playlist from Tech with Brett features 8 videos […]