Fire Prevention for Seniors

Fire prevention is a top concern for most seniors, and for good reason: the U.S. Fire Administration reports that older adults made up 40 percent of fire-related deaths. While decreased mobility, vision, hearing, and cognitive functioning may all be factors in that statistic, there are several steps people of all ages should take for fire prevention in their homes. Smoke Detectors The National Fire Prevention Association says that most fire-related casualties happen when people are sleeping. Make sure you have a working smoke detector on each level of your home, and outside each bedroom. The good news is that smoke alarms have evolved; you can purchase ones that vibrate your bed or send strobe lights, and they can also be connected to an emergency response center. Choose the one that is best for your needs. It’s also important that your smoke detector is in working order. Check them once a month, and proactively change the batteries every six months when you change your clocks. Stop, Drop, & Roll! When you were a child, you were likely taught the basic fire prevention tip to stop, drop, and roll if your clothes catch fire. This still applies as an adult! While our […]

Five Reasons to see a Primary Care Provider

When your calendar is already booked full of appointments, it can be tempting to skip your annual wellness check with your Primary Care Provider (PCP). Maybe you’re already in good health and don’t need any medications. Or maybe you’re already seeing several specialists who manage your chronic conditions. In either scenario, adding one more doctor’s appointment to your day may seem like an unnecessary annoyance. But Primary Care Providers are your first line of defense to help you identify health problems before they get out of hand. And when your medical team involves a complex network of specialists, your PCP can act as the quarterback, coordinating care and keeping an eye on the bigger picture of your overall health. Still not convinced? Read on for five reasons why you should book a wellness visit with your PCP. Primary Care Providers see the whole picture. Modern health care is complex – which can be a good thing. When you have a serious health issue, you want an expert on your health team who has deep knowledge in their specialty – like a cardiologist, orthopedist, or endocrinologist. But sometimes having a lot of specialists involved in your care can lead to fragmented […]

A Park Place Testimonial: “It’s easy to be active here.”

When Caryl Rohlfing’s husband Harold fell at home and injured his face, they decided they needed to move somewhere where he could get the assistance he needed. “He’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s,” she says. “We didn’t know how fast it would progress.” The Rohlfing’s chose Park Place of Elmhurst because it had multiple levels of care, allowing Caryl to stay independent and active, even as Harold’s need for assistance increased. “When we first moved in, we lived in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. We had plenty of space for two people,” she says. “Then when it became clear he would be spending most of his time at the Health & Wellness Center, I downsized to a one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartment.” Because they were both on the same campus, it was easy for Harold’s caregiver to bring him over for long visits with Caryl. “They have excellent caregivers,” she says. “Really great workers who care about the people they serve.” When Harold passed away, Caryl became even more active in the Park Place community, especially with their exercise programs, which she says give the residents more quality of life, and may even add years to their lives. “My health has improved as […]

Providence Life Services Magazine:
Issue 3 of 2019

This issue of the Providence Newsletter features Torchlight, which is our our annual celebration of service. Torchlight’s 2019 theme is “A Legacy of Care,” where we will look back on the decades of care that Providence Life Services has provided. Also included in this issue the Grand Opening of Phase II at Park Place of St. John as well as wonderful story of how one of our residents at Victorian Village continues her lifetime of volunteer work. There is much more to discover so please click here or the headline to view the Magazine.

The Freedom of Maintenance-Free Living

Maintenance-Free Living Maintenance-free living: it’s a phrase you may hear tossed around from time-to-time during your search for retirement living options. But what does it really mean? At a Providence Life Services community, maintenance-free living is just one of the many benefits are residents enjoy when they move in. Our friendly staff are there to help with the little things: hanging pictures, moving furniture, and replacing lightbulbs. We also provide the “big” things: when your air conditioning goes out, that’s not your worry anymore! If your apartment includes a kitchen, you won’t have to replace broken appliances or deal with clogged sinks. When you move into one our communities, you can leave behind your lawn mower and snow shovel because you won’t have to mow one more lawn or shovel one more driveway. The Gift of Maintenance-Free Living But maintenance-free living also provides freedom, as well as the gift of time. What you do with that extra time is up to you. You can pick up a new hobby, or dive back into something you love that you haven’t had much time for. Spend extra time with family and friends–and make new friends! Of course, you can have maintenance-free living […]