Providence Hospice care made a difference: “They came alongside me”

When choosing Providence Hospice care for her mother Helen, Delores Gassmere said the choice was easy. She had trusted Providence to give her mother Helen skilled nursing care, so when Helen’s medical condition advanced, Delores went with the name she trusted and chose Providence Hospice care for Helen during her final days. “Their services were good—I was so impressed with their hospice care,” Delores says. “They cared for my mother like she was family.” Whenever Delores visited her mother, hospice staff updated her on Helen’s condition. “I knew what to expect before I walked in the room,” she says. “They knew I loved my mom and knew I was on my own with her care. So they came alongside and did what they could to help.” When Helen died, Providence Hospice care staff supported Delores and offered comfort. “They didn’t just decide the job was over if my mother died,” she says. “They wanted to make sure I was okay.” Delores recommends Providence Hospice care to anyone looking for compassionate and gracious care for their loved ones. “I would definitely choose Providence Hospice again,” she says. “They took a difficult time and made it a little easier. I think that’s […]

A Park Place Health & Wellness Testimonial: “You really can’t believe it until you see it.”

“I planned for surgery, but needing follow-up rehab took me by surprise,” John says. At 48, he is one of the youngest people to take advantage of the sub-acute rehabilitation offered at Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John. After a back surgery, John’s doctor said he would need therapy before going home. John didn’t have much time to research, but, as a St. John resident, he’d heard about the Skilled Nursing building tucked away near his home. He’d been curious to see what Small House rehab looked like, but he hadn’t expected he’d need it himself. John’s so glad he chose Park Place. “I was reading about it. Everyone said the Small House was a different kind of healthcare building. But you can’t really believe it until you see it,” he says. John enjoyed the cozy, home-like setting, and all the welcoming spots he could sit and spend time with his many visitors. He also appreciated the professionalism and skill of his therapeutic staff. “I’m leaving here with skill sets I haven’t had before,” he says. He’s leaving a little over a week after coming to rehab, a shorter amount of time than the doctors predicted. He’s […]

A Continuum of Care, Just For You!

Many older adults are investing in a CCRC, or a continuum of care retirement community, and for good reason. They want to know that they can move to one campus that can satisfy their changing health care needs, should they arise. Irene finished mowing her lawn, and took a moment to rest in her back yard, wiping sweat from her forehead. She looked at the beautiful yard where her children played growing up, and where her grandchildren now visit. Beyond the yard, she saw her house, a home where she had lived with her husband for 42 years, where she had raised four children. She loved her house and the memories it held for her.  But recently widowed at age 70, she didn’t want to mow her lawn or rake her leaves anymore. She didn’t want to spend her day dusting and sweeping in her four-bedroom house. Her kids had talked to her about downsizing, and Irene decided she was finally ready—but where should she go? Should she move to a condo down the street in an apartment building just for seniors? Or should she move to a senior living community that offered a continuum of care? Irene is one […]

Healing Your Heart with the Cardiac Care Program

Recovering from a heart event is a big deal. Whether it was a planned surgery – like a bypass or angiogram – or an unexpected hospital stay from a heart attack or CHF flare-up, you’re probably wondering, “What happens next?” Depending on how your recovery is going in the hospital, and whether you have any additional health problems or serious medical conditions, your doctor may recommend that you continue to receive post-acute care at a skilled nursing facility, like Providence. Our Cardiac Care Program can help with the transition from the hospital back to your normal life at home. The goal of our Cardiac Care Program is to give you the best chance at an optimum recovery. We do this by giving you the around-the-clock support you need, while slowly and gradually building up the amount you can do independently until you’re back to where you were before going to the hospital. We Know Your Heart Your care will be supervised by our Cardiologist and their Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), working alongside our trained nurses and aides. Our team will coordinate your care with your primary care doctor so they know how your recovery is progressing. Every patient’s care plan […]

Chicago Bears player joins Park Place St. John community

As the greater Chicago area mourns the premature end of a surprisingly successful Chicago Bears season, Gene Schroeder, the Bears 1951 first-round draft pick and resident at Park Place of St. John, understands that disappointment. Before the Super Bowl existed, the best NFL teams competed for the National Championship title. Gene still smarts at the thought of the 47-7 loss to the New York Giants in the 1956 NFL Championship game, after the Bears’ 9-2-1 season that year. “Of course, you’d like to say that it felt good to make it that far,” he says. But, like the current Bears team, he understands the pain that comes with heartbreaking defeat. “Without question, losing in the NFL Championship game was my biggest disappointment. To get that far and lose that game—well, I can just say, the disappointment is tremendous.” However, a look at Gene’s life shows the kind of success that movies are made of. A Washington, D.C., native, Gene grew up playing ball in the city streets. “Morning, noon, and night,” he says. “Baseball in the summer and football in the fall. It’s all I ever wanted to do, to play ball.” “Baseball in the summer and football in the […]