Woman enjoys active life at Village Woods

Arlene Erikson enjoys her active life at Village Woods. Read more about it below: Before living at Village Woods, Arlene Erikson had always led a busy life. Married over 60 years and with 4 children, she was always on the go, often biking to her job and being an active wife and mother. Then 25 years ago, she and her husband moved to Florida with plans to enjoy their golden years there. But when her husband died 3 years ago, she wasn’t sure she wanted to be alone, so far from her family. “My daughter wanted me to move closer. I loved Florida, but I wanted my family near me.” So Arlene’s daughter looked around and found Village Woods. “She said, ‘Mom, you’ll love it.’ And she was right!” The Assisted Living program provides her with the help she needs with some activities of daily living, but she also takes advantage of all Village Woods has to offer. “They take care of things for us, like cooking. I didn’t like to cook anyway,” she says. “And when I see how much there is to do here, well, I get into everything I can get into,” she says. “I have so many friends here—it’s wonderful!” Arlene discusses her active life at […]

Hospice myths and facts

When it comes time to decide if hospice is right for you or your loved one, it’s important to know the truth about hospice myths and facts. Sarah Paul, a medical social worker with Providence Hospice, can clear some of that up for you. MYTH: Hospice will stop all of my medications. FACT: Most, if not all, medications continue. We will only stop medications with you and your doctor’s permission, or if you can no longer swallow them. MYTH: Choosing hospice means giving up hope. FACT: Your hospice team provides comfort and the highest quality of life possible. We want you to live each day to the fullest you can! MYTH: Hospice means I’m dying right now, and is only for the last days of life. FACT: Hospice starts when you’re entering the acute phase of the terminal illness and extends beyond your death. Our goal is to get involved at the beginning, form relationships with you and your family, be available to you 24/7, solve health problems as they arise and stop them from getting out of control, deliver medications to your door if needed, and be there for you through the entire process. MYTH: Hospice means I have […]

Providence continues excellence with five-star Medicare ratings

Providence is pleased to announce that all our skilled nursing facilities received five-star Medicare ratings from Medicare.gov. A five-star Medicare rating is the highest possible rating. Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Palos Heights, IL, earned five-star Medicare ratings in the following three categories: Overall Quality, Quality Measures and RN Staffing. Park Place Health & Wellness Center in Elmhurst, IL, earned five-star Medicare ratings in the following three categories: Quality Measures, RN Staffing, and Overall Quality. Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center in Homer Glen, IL, also received five-star Medicare ratings in three categories: Staffing, RN Staffing, and Overall Quality. Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John, IN, received two five-star Medicare ratings: in Staffing and in RN Staffing. Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Zeeland, MI, received a five-star Medicare rating in Quality Measures. Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Downers Grove, IL received a five-star Medicare rating in RN Staffing. At Providence Life Services, we continue to strive to provide the highest quality care to our residents. These ratings are a testimony to our hard work and high standards. Each Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Centers and Health & Wellness Centers offer various levels of care, including […]

Surgeon recommended Park Place for rehab in Northwest Indiana

Gail Larson has extensive experience choosing skilled nursing care for her loved ones, as she’d had to find care for both her mother and mother-in-law. So when it came time to help her husband Dean find the best rehab after a double knee replacement, she remembered Park Place. “I’d seen some ads when it first opened, and I’d heard good things,” Gail says, “and Dean’s surgeon highly recommended it.” Gail and Dean toured several facilities, some much closer to home, but when they saw Park Place, they knew it was the right fit. “The staff is incredibly friendly,” Dean says. “This is a breath of fresh air.” Dean, who serves as Vice-Chairman on the governing board of Shriner’s Hospital in Chicago, knows his way around health care, and feels Park Place should be at the top of the list. “You’ve got a winning combo,” he says. “I love the staff, and the nursing is second to none.” Gail agrees. “His surgeon told us that the nursing care here is superior. And they offer therapy 6 times a week—most places don’t offer therapy on weekends.” Dean is growing stronger, but appreciates all the help he is getting during the recovery. “It doesn’t […]

Woman describes economical choice to move to Emerald Meadows

Sylvia describes the economical choice to move to Emerald Meadows. Read on for more information: Sylvia Erickson, 93, moved from her home to Emerald Meadows a year ago. “It was getting to be too much for me to keep it up,” she says. She thought about hiring someone to help with the housework, but when she and her daughter looked at the numbers, and considered safety issues, it made more sense financially and practically for Sylvia to move to an assisted-living community. The decision was not an easy one. Sylvia had lived in her home since she was 9 months old. But Emerald Meadows turned out to be a perfect fit. Her daughter is only 3 minutes away, and the variety of activities and beautiful apartments made Sylvia feel good about the move. “I’m grateful that we found such a nice place, so close to my family. There’s lots of different things here for everyone to enjoy. All those little things—they take care of you here,” she says. “And there’s no dishes for me to do!” Now Sylvia can relax in her chair and look out her bay window at the lovely view, or at the many photographs on her […]