Healing Your Heart with the Cardiac Care Program

Recovering from a heart event is a big deal. Whether it was a planned surgery – like a bypass or angiogram – or an unexpected hospital stay from a heart attack or CHF flare-up, you’re probably wondering, “What happens next?” Depending on how your recovery is going in the hospital, and whether you have any additional health problems or serious medical conditions, your doctor may recommend that you continue to receive post-acute care at a skilled nursing facility, like Providence. Our Cardiac Care Program can help with the transition from the hospital back to your normal life at home. The goal of our Cardiac Care Program is to give you the best chance at an optimum recovery. We do this by giving you the around-the-clock support you need, while slowly and gradually building up the amount you can do independently until you’re back to where you were before going to the hospital. We Know Your Heart Your care will be supervised by our Cardiologist and their Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), working alongside our trained nurses and aides. Our team will coordinate your care with your primary care doctor so they know how your recovery is progressing. Every patient’s care plan […]

Chicago Bears player joins Park Place St. John community

As the greater Chicago area mourns the premature end of a surprisingly successful Chicago Bears season, Gene Schroeder, the Bears 1951 first-round draft pick and resident at Park Place of St. John, understands that disappointment. Before the Super Bowl existed, the best NFL teams competed for the National Championship title. Gene still smarts at the thought of the 47-7 loss to the New York Giants in the 1956 NFL Championship game, after the Bears’ 9-2-1 season that year. “Of course, you’d like to say that it felt good to make it that far,” he says. But, like the current Bears team, he understands the pain that comes with heartbreaking defeat. “Without question, losing in the NFL Championship game was my biggest disappointment. To get that far and lose that game—well, I can just say, the disappointment is tremendous.” However, a look at Gene’s life shows the kind of success that movies are made of. A Washington, D.C., native, Gene grew up playing ball in the city streets. “Morning, noon, and night,” he says. “Baseball in the summer and football in the fall. It’s all I ever wanted to do, to play ball.” “Baseball in the summer and football in the […]

5 Reasons to Consider Senior Living this Winter

For many seniors, the freezing temperatures, treacherous road conditions, and mounting snowfall make winter their least favorite time of year. Living at home alone during the winter can cause many seniors to become socially isolated, since getting around outside can become too dangerous to attempt. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are five reasons why retirement in a Providence senior living community offers security, community, and peace of mind – especially in the winter months. #1: Snow Removal Shoveling snow is a strenuous, and often dangerous, activity for seniors. Not to mention the snow and slush that gets tracked in from outside, creating slippery surfaces and stained carpets.  Residents at a Providence senior living community can look out the window and enjoy the beautiful snowfall from the warmth and comfort of the indoors – knowing that our maintenance crew will take care of the driveways and sidewalks for them. #2: Scheduled Transportation Winter road conditions can be hazardous, even for the safest driver, leading many seniors to dread getting in their car. This can lead to fewer trips to the grocery store, skipped doctor appointments, and fewer visits to family and friends. At a Providence senior living […]

Kindness and Cod-Liver Oil: Resident Shares Secret to 102 Years of Life

At 102 years old, Evelyn Wettour tells everyone the secret to a long and healthy life has been the advice from her parents to be good to others, and the cod-liver oil pill she takes twice a day. Evelyn has seen it all and been a part of it all–so much that she can hardly believe it herself. “I never thought I would reach 102 years. Never.” And while she can tell stories of the world-wide events she’s lived through, the stories she enjoys telling are about love: those she loves and those who loved her. One of 11 children, Evelyn was born in Lafayette, Indiana, before her parents moved the family to Chicago for better academic opportunities. “I just loved having a big family. When we would buy something, we would always share. My mom and dad taught us that you always share what you have. It’s never yours alone. So that’s what I’ve done my whole life.” “If I have it to spare, why not share it?” Evelyn says she tried to follow that advice. “I like to think, well, if I have it to spare, why not share it with someone who needs it, or even wants […]

Your Questions About Gifts in a Will Answered

Without a proper plan in place to give gifts in a will, we can just as easily bury the potential impact of our God-given resources. Having an up-to-date will, on the other hand, ensures our God-given resources are put to good use, long after we’ve gone to be with the Lord. We proactively support the needs of our loved ones and further the impact of our favorite Kingdom causes simply by planning ahead. Q&As – Gifts in a Will Q: What are a few benefits of having a will? A: A will (or trust) is your final act of stewardship and care. Through it, you can take care of your loved ones, model a legacy of generosity and ensure your favorite ministries continue to make a difference well beyond your lifetime. Additionally, having a will may help you to: • Save taxes • Minimize family disputes • Provide for a family member with special needs • Transfer a family farm or business • Avoid probate expenses and delay For many Christians, a will is an expression of their belief that God owns everything and wants us to manage the resources entrusted to us. Almost no other action you take will […]