The Freedom of Maintenance-Free Living

Maintenance-Free Living Maintenance-free living: it’s a phrase you may hear tossed around from time-to-time during your search for retirement living options. But what does it really mean? At a Providence Life Services community, maintenance-free living is just one of the many benefits are residents enjoy when they move in. Our friendly staff are there to help with the little things: hanging pictures, moving furniture, and replacing lightbulbs. We also provide the “big” things: when your air conditioning goes out, that’s not your worry anymore! If your apartment includes a kitchen, you won’t have to replace broken appliances or deal with clogged sinks. When you move into one our communities, you can leave behind your lawn mower and snow shovel because you won’t have to mow one more lawn or shovel one more driveway. The Gift of Maintenance-Free Living But maintenance-free living also provides freedom, as well as the gift of time. What you do with that extra time is up to you. You can pick up a new hobby, or dive back into something you love that you haven’t had much time for. Spend extra time with family and friends–and make new friends! Of course, you can have maintenance-free living […]

Wii Bowling offers Virtual Fun and Real-Life Benefits to Residents

The competitive spirit is high when the “Village Woods King Pins” face off against their rivals, the “Park Place Pinheads” for their regular bowling tournament. But there are no brightly-colored bowling shoes, no hefty bowling balls, not even a pin in sight. Instead, these seniors compete using the interactive Nintendo Wii® video gaming system. But even though the game is virtual, the benefits – and the competition – are completely real. Interactive video games like Wii® bowling offer a good alternative for older individuals who want to stay physically active, but can’t compete in real sports like they used to. The Wii® bowling game mimics the actual movements a player would make. But instead of swinging a heavy bowling ball, players line up their shot and swing their arms in the same motion while holding down a button on a motion-capturing controller, releasing the button when they are ready to release the ball. The bowler’s motions control the action of their computer-generated counterpart on the large TV screen. Getting up and moving can provide health benefits for otherwise sedentary seniors. Researcher Elizabeth Orsega-Smith, PhD, reported to the American College of Sports Medicine that bowling on the Wii® burned between 20 […]

Choosing Wisely: Cancer Screenings and Treatment for Older Adults

Cancer is the second leading cause of death for people age 65 and older, so your instinct may be to ask your doctor to order every type of cancer screening test available. But the latest recommendations from expert physicians say you should think twice before having a sometimes unnecessary – and potentially risky – diagnostic test. Screening tests can certainly help doctors diagnose cancer early, when it’s more treatable. But when discussing screening for an older adult, both patient and physician need to have an individualized and realistic conversation about the risks and benefits of diagnosis and potential treatment. What Are The Risks? False Positives: Sometimes a screening test may incorrectly suggest that you have cancer, when you really do not. Your doctor may then end up running additional tests that are more physically invasive and more costly. The result can be unnecessary stress and worry, not to mention increased financial burden. Complications: Always ask your doctor about possible complications from any screening, such as colon perforations during a colonoscopy. If your initial screening shows a false positive, you may be sent in for more invasive follow-up procedures, such as a needle biopsy or bronchoscopy to diagnose lung cancer, which have their own […]

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Foot Care for Seniors

Even though they are often overlooked, maintaining healthy feet allows us to do the things we love to do – go for walks with grandchildren, drive to the movies, go to the grocery store and more. By the age of 50, the average person will walk 75,000 miles! The foot is one of our most complicated body parts – home to 26 bones and 33 joints on each foot. Taking good care of our feet as we age allows us to continue to be as active as we want, with less pain. Foot Changes with Age As our bodies age, the tendons in our feet get tighter and the ligaments get looser – meaning that bones will start to shift around, which may cause pain and bony growths. Like the skin everywhere else on our bodies, the skin and nails on our feet loose elasticity and can become dry and brittle, which can lead to cuts, scrapes and blisters that can become infected. When you couple this with poor circulation – which lessens our healing ability – and loss of feeling in our feet (neuropathy), a small foot sore can grow into a larger infection. This can mean pain with […]

5 Key Considerations for Selecting an Estate Planning Attorney

You’re ready to hire an estate planning attorney to draft your will, but you’re not sure who to call. You’re in good company! Many people understand the importance of having a will or trust, but they’re stuck because they don’t have an attorney to help them. If you need an estate planning attorney, start by asking for recommendations from the people you know. Do your friends, family or coworkers have a legal advisor they trust? Does your pastor know of a lawyer connected with your church? You can also contact your local bar association or search online using a reputable source like the Christian Legal Society. If you need an estate planning attorney, start by asking for recommendations from the people you know. Once you’ve narrowed your list, these five considerations will help you identify the right estate planning attorney for you. You’ll want someone who understands your goals and shares your general values. If your decisions are guided by your beliefs about stewardship, or if you have charitable intent, make sure your attorney will support your planning decisions, not try to talk you out of them. Expertise. The right attorney is well-versed in the estate planning experience; a significant […]