Providence Newsletter:
Redefining Quality in Memory Care

APRIL 2013 — If you have a family member with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, you’ll be interested in reading about what quality Memory Care looks like at Providence Life Services communities. You’ll also read about the programs offered by our Education Department, which help ensure that we continue to offer the highest quality care. And you’ll read about quality partnerships between Providence and the top providers of subacute rehabilitation services. Click to view and download a PDF of the April 2013 issue of the Providence Life Services newsletter. Download PDF

7 Myths People Believe About Seniors

Myth 1: Slower pace = lower capacity While age does affect the speed at which we process information, it does not necessarily diminish our ability to reason, manage information, or make decisions. Myth 2: Logic makes sense One effect of aging is that the right brain takes on a dominant role as gatekeeper for new information. Because the right brain typically interprets intonations and facial expressions, it can be more effective to communicate with Mom or Dad by telling stories and using metaphors. This does not mean that seniors are illogical! It means that logic must be delivered relationally. Myth 3: Interest = urgency Seniors are at a stage of life with a different psychological agenda. This is a time of reflection rather than rushing, of consideration rather than conquering. Typically, this means they will not respond to artificial deadlines, high-pressure techniques, or other gimmicks designed to create urgency. This can be frustrating if you’ve been given the responsibility to convince Mom or Dad to move to a retirement community! But remember, the fact that they are not ready to move right now does not mean they aren’t interested. If you have a relationship they trust, they will signal when they are ready to move forward. Myth 4: […]

Providence Newsletter:
New Things in the New Year

FEBRUARY 2013 — The new year holds the promise of new ways of fulfilling our mission. A mission that sets us apart from other senior living providers. The first Providence Newsletter of 2013 takes a look at: A new way of providing skilled nursing care and rehab The benefits of Life Care — for family members, too Affordable luxury in Orland Park, Illinois Click to download and view a PDF of the newsletter today! Download PDF

Winter Nutrition

January is the perfect time to renew your resolve to eat well. Colder temperatures, shorter days, and the holiday celebrations of the previous month challenge our healthy intentions, but the beginning of a new year brings a feeling of new possibilities. A few simple guidelines can help you make healthy choices throughout the winter months: 1. Accessibility Make sure you have fruits and vegetables in stock, so you won’t be tempted by high-calorie snacks. When you’re in the mood to munch, if raisins and baby carrots are the only snacks available, you’re less likely to gain winter pounds. If you are bringing snacks when you visit a Providence community, choose healthy options. 2. Quality Some carbs are better than others. When you choose high-quality carbs from whole grains, sweet potatoes, yams, squash, and pumpkin — rather than candy bars — you are serving yourself loads of nutrients rather than empty calories. Plus, certain healthy foods can help fight allergies! 3. Variety Look for seasonal produce, such as pomegranates, cranberries, purple grapes, and citrus fruit. These can add some interest to your healthy diet. Chefs at all Providence communities are creative experts at preparing meals that are nutritious as well as […]

A New Type of “Nursing Home”

HOMER GLEN, ILL. (January 2013) – No hallways. Perhaps more than any other description, those two words capture the difference between the new Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center and a typical, institutional-style nursing care facility. Small buildings The three new buildings on the Victorian Village campus in Homer Glen, Illinois, follow the model known as a “small house” or “green house” type of setting. The two smaller buildings will each house only 10 people. Each resident will have a private room, and those 10 private rooms will surround a great room where the kitchen, dining room, and living room are located and where community life happens. The third building will be a two-story house with 15 private rooms on each floor. Primarily oriented toward rehabilitation and short-term stays, this building will have space dedicated to therapy. Again, it will feel very much like a home or cottage. Small staff Another key to eliminating the typically institutional feeling: the staff will be “universal” workers. No departments — nursing, maintenance, housekeeping — only family-like professionals who will be able to cook a meal or give medications as needed. Big support Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center is the first residentially modeled […]