A Salute to Our Veterans

guest post by Jeff Zylstra, Community Manager, Royal Park Place and Royal Atrium Inn It is an annual tradition for Royal Park Place and Royal Atrium Inn (Providence communities in Zeeland, Michigan) to host a Fathers Day event. This year we invited Mr. Cal Klokkert, a Johnny Cash impersonator, to entertain us. The program was exceptional! Mr. Klokkert intermingled songs with biographical information that made “The Man in Black” come to life. Toward the end of the program, Mr. Klokkert asked if there were any veterans in the room. Although I didn’t have time to count, I was amazed that about one-third of the hundred men in the room raised their hands. There were World War II veterans, Vietnam veterans, Korean War veterans, and Gulf War veterans. Before the rest of us had time to applaud, Mr. Klokkert asked two veterans to help him with his next song. Don Schrock, a Royal Park Place resident, and his son-in-law Warren Harding walked to the front. Mr. Klokkert carefully unfolded a tattered American flag and asked them to hold it while he sang Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag.” RAGGED OLD FLAG I walked through a county courthouse square— on a park bench, […]

A Father’s Legacy

MAY 2013 – Several weeks ago, just before his 101st birthday, Lewis Seifert allowed us to video some of his thoughts about life and legacy. As we approach another Fathers Day, it seems appropriate to share that video with the larger Providence family.

Holland Home and Providence South Holland join the Villa Healthcare Family

SOUTH HOLLAND, ILL. (May 1, 2013) – For more than three decades, Holland Home and Providence of South Holland have been Providence Life Services communities providing quality services to people in South Holland and surrounding communities. And so it was a difficult decision to divest ownership of Providence Rehabilitation & Healthcare of South Holland and Holland Home. As of May 1, the entire South Holland campus is owned by FNR Healthcare Group and managed by Villa Healthcare. Villa Healthcare has a strong reputation for both clinical excellence and unparalleled customer service. Providence Board Chair Arnold Koldenhoven said in a written statement to residents and families, “Our strategic planning goals have always included new programs and continued upgrades to all our existing communities. However, economic uncertainties and the government’s reimbursement and delays in payments have put constraints on achieving those goals.” The sale of the South Holland campus will provide needed resources for ministry in other Providence communities, while also making new opportunities possible for residents and clients at Holland Home and Providence South Holland. “We believe the community is in good hands,” continued the written statement, “and we look forward to working together with the new owner as we continue […]

Providence Newsletter:
Redefining Quality in Memory Care

APRIL 2013 — If you have a family member with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, you’ll be interested in reading about what quality Memory Care looks like at Providence Life Services communities. You’ll also read about the programs offered by our Education Department, which help ensure that we continue to offer the highest quality care. And you’ll read about quality partnerships between Providence and the top providers of subacute rehabilitation services. Click to view and download a PDF of the April 2013 issue of the Providence Life Services newsletter. Download PDF

7 Myths People Believe About Seniors

Myth 1: Slower pace = lower capacity While age does affect the speed at which we process information, it does not necessarily diminish our ability to reason, manage information, or make decisions. Myth 2: Logic makes sense One effect of aging is that the right brain takes on a dominant role as gatekeeper for new information. Because the right brain typically interprets intonations and facial expressions, it can be more effective to communicate with Mom or Dad by telling stories and using metaphors. This does not mean that seniors are illogical! It means that logic must be delivered relationally. Myth 3: Interest = urgency Seniors are at a stage of life with a different psychological agenda. This is a time of reflection rather than rushing, of consideration rather than conquering. Typically, this means they will not respond to artificial deadlines, high-pressure techniques, or other gimmicks designed to create urgency. This can be frustrating if you’ve been given the responsibility to convince Mom or Dad to move to a retirement community! But remember, the fact that they are not ready to move right now does not mean they aren’t interested. If you have a relationship they trust, they will signal when they are ready to move forward. Myth 4: […]