Health in Numbers: Promoting Socialization for Seniors

Have you noticed your parent or an older loved one becoming more withdrawn and having less socialization as they age? It’s a common scenario; approximately one-third to one-half of the elderly population report feeling social isolation and loneliness. As we age, the social networks that supported us for most of our adult lives –  such as work colleagues, friends from church, even spouses and family members – eventually begin to unravel due to changing life circumstances, relocation, or even death. Lack of regular socialization can have a negative impact on seniors’ physical and mental health. In fact, studies have found that the health risks of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. On the flipside, keeping an active and connected social life has been found to delay memory loss and Alzheimer’s in older adults. Cultivating healthy relationships is important for a fulfilling and meaningful life at any age. You can help your loved one live their best life by finding new ways to stay engaged with others: Address Underlying Barriers Begin by understanding what things may be holding mom or dad back from socializing like they used to. Some seniors may be less confident in social situations […]

Workplace Giving and Matching Gifts

What is workplace giving, and how can that help your gift to Providence Life Services benefit our seniors’ lives even more? Workplace giving can help your donations reach even farther, and truly exemplify the mission of Providence to answer the call to enhance the lives of those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ. Through our matching gifts program, you could double, triple, or maybe even quadruple your donation. Did you know that many companies across the country often offer their employees the matching-gifts incentive to encourage charitable giving—sometimes, they even extend their matching program to include donations made by an employee’s spouse or by retired employees? Companies like State Farm, Charles Schwab, Citgo, BMO Harris, Boeing, and many more are active in workplace giving. This year, Facebook and PayPal teamed up to match donations made through Facebook to non-profits on Giving Tuesday (we wrote about it here). We will post soon about it’s effect on our gifts that day, but as you’ll see, matching gifts make a difference! Did you know that many companies across the country have workplace giving programs to offer their employees the matching-gifts incentive to encourage charitable giving? To see whether your company will […]

Six Reasons to Choose Assisted Living

Mom’s doctor suggested Assisted Living. Now it’s up to you to figure out what “Assisted Living” means… Assisted Living is simply senior housing that includes some nursing care and other supportive services. For many seniors, getting a little assistance can lead to greater independence. Here are six stories that show that at Providence communities, a little “Assisted” can mean a lot more “Living” 1. Help with Everyday Tasks People choose Assisted Living when they need help with daily activities like getting dressed, bathing, managing their medications, making meals, doing laundry, or other tasks. People such as Bernie, an 86-year-old man who chose Saratoga Grove, a Providence community in Downers Grove, Illinois, when he realized he needs more help than he used to. “As you grow older, you just need help, that’s all,” he says. Licensed staff are available around the clock to help people maintain as much independence as possible. Even if you don’t need that kind of help every day, Assisted Living gives people peace of mind. It’s nice to know help is there when you do need it. 2. Safe Living Environment You want to make good, smart choices for your parents as their health starts to change. […]

Understanding Your Fall Risk

Being seriously injured as a result of a fall is a common concern for many older adults. But if fear of falling causes you to limit your activity, it can not only impact your quality of life, it may actually increase your fall risk. The best way to improve balance, strength and endurance is by continuing to walk and stay active. Put simply, mobility is “use it or lose it.” By understanding the most common reasons behind falls, you can feel safer and more confident about staying on your feet. Internal Factors: Health-Based Fall Risks Balance Challenges A recent study found that 41% of falls occurred not because of a slip or trip, but because the person shifted their body weight incorrectly. The natural process of aging affects the many systems in our body that work together to keep us balanced, including: Joint Flexibility – As our hips and ankles become less flexible, we can’t as easily make the small movements that keep us standing upright. Muscle Loss – Around age 30, our bodies start losing muscle strength. This can cause weakness and loss of stamina. What can be done?  Regular light exercise, like walking or stretching, can help keep […]

4 Tips for Healthy Skin this Winter

Healthy skin can be a difficult attainment in the cold months. While most of us enjoy seeing the snowflakes that fall during winter, we don’t enjoy the flaky, dry, rough, or cracking skin that often comes with the season. As the temperature drops, so does the humidity – or moisture content – of the air. When exposed to cold and dry air, the water in your skin evaporates more quickly. Not only is dry skin irritating and sometimes painful, but it may also lead to bigger problems, especially for seniors whose skin is naturally thinner and more fragile. Follow these skin care tips to fight off flakes and itchiness: Stay Moisturized As we age, our skin loses sweat and oil glands, so adding a moisturizer to your daily skin care routine helps replenish your skin’s protective layer. But the light-weight lotions that may have served you well during the summer months may not cut it in the winter. During the winter months, it’s a good idea to switch to heavier oil-based creams or ointments, rather than water-based lotions. For best results, apply moisturizer after bathing when your skin is most absorbent. Carry lip balm with you and reapply throughout the […]