Providence Life Services Magazine:
Issue 2 of 2019

This issue of the Providence Newsletter features some of our volunteers, as well as an update on Phase II of Park Place of St. John. Read about our new Board Members and join us in our thankfulness for the service of our outgoing members. You may also enjoy an article about Park Place of Elmhurst resident Michael Harrington’s firsthand memories of the opening of the State Street subway in Chicago. You can also read one family’s experience working with our care navigation service, Providence Solutions. Click the headline to view this magazine.

A Royal Park Place Testimonial: “It’s so good to be home.”

Marge Kloosterman is a woman who is used to change. Marge grew up in the Depression, and then as an Army wife, has lived in several places all over the world. But when her husband died, that was a difficult loss to bear. “We had a great love story,” she says. “My friends were always trying to set me up, and I was never impressed. But he picked me up one Sunday afternoon, and everything changed. When he got home that evening, he told his brother, ‘I’ve just met the girl I’m going to marry.’” After four children and a lifetime of adventures, Marge found it difficult to move on with her life. “I was depressed,” she says simply. “I went from being an active person to someone who didn’t really want to do anything.” Marge lived next door to her son and daughter-in-law at the time, and they noticed the changes. “They looked in my fridge and said, ‘Mom, you’re not eating,” she says. “But I didn’t want to. I really didn’t care.” “I just heard about Royal Park Place,” her son told her, and then he asked if she would like to come see it. He explained that […]

A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial: “I’ve made new friends.”

“This is the best place around Holland,” Rika VanderPloeg says. Rika had been looking for the right place to live, but the other places she saw weren’t quite right. She knew Royal Atrium Inn was the best place for her. Rika has taken advantage of many of the activities, including singspirations and slide shows, and she exercises on her own. “We have devotions here,” Rika says. “It’s the first place I saw where they acknowledge religion.” She’s also expanded her social circle. “I’ve made new friends here. I eat with two couples who have become very good friends, and I have another friend moving here soon,” Rika says. “I never run out of people to spend time with.” She also gives the staff credit for being kind and helpful. “They are very caring,” Rika says. “They try hard to satisfy you.” Her family is happy that Rika has found such a great place to get the assistance she needs while still enjoying life. “I’m so glad I came here,” she says. “It’s a beautiful place to live.” Learn more about life at Royal Atrium Inn by visiting our website, or give us a call at (616) 772-1248.

A Royal Park Place Testimonial: “I made the right move.”

Jerry Groters has always led a full, active life. From 35 years of teaching, coaching, and counseling students, to his own recreational pursuits, he has always lived life to the fullest. Now in his early 90s, Jerry reflects on his choice to move to Royal Park Place. “My wife died about nine years ago, and I didn’t care to live alone,” he says. “I like people and I like camaraderie. I liked the idea of finding that here.” Jerry has been a bright spot for those at Royal Park Place since his move here a few years ago, and he continues to stay physically fit with exercise. While he may not feel ready to bike across the country, as he had done at ages 60 and 70, he still enjoys exploring nature and the surrounding Zeeland area that has been his home. “I have some great people to spend the sunset years of my life,” he says. “I enjoy the opportunity to enjoy life with others.” You may see Jerry taking part in everything from puzzles, to live entertainment, to fitness classes, but you probably won’t see him sitting idle. “I looked at five different places before choosing Royal Park […]

A Royal Park Place Testimonial: “I walked in and knew this was the place for me.”

Jane TenHarmsel has lived a life filled with adventures and challenges, but throughout everything, her strong faith in God has been her constant. So when she walked in for her tour of Royal Park Place and saw the scripture posted, she said, “I walked in and knew this was the place for me.” Jane grew up in the Netherlands. “We always heard our parents talk about coming to America, so we grew up with that idea, that one day we would be here.” And at age 21, she made her journey to the United States with her parents and three brothers. “I remember coming into New York Harbor,” she says of her arrival. “I can still see the sun coming up behind the Statue of Liberty.” Jane had been a lifelong resident of Michigan, and eventually moved to a condo.“The condo was quite large, and it was just me,” she says. “Besides that, it was hard for friends to get around and get together at our age, so the days were long and lonely.” She had a friend who lived at Royal Park Place, so she thought she’d take a tour to see if it might be the right fit […]