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Saving Money by Choosing Providence Services

Whether you are thinking of hiring home healthcare, or whether you are considering moving to a senior community, money and finances are always part of the decision. What you may not realize is how making the choice for Providence may end up saving you money, and certainly help you maintain your level of independence longer. How Independent Living Can Save You Money Carol looks at her move to Park Place of St. John as a money-saving opportunity. “I had a two-story house,” she says. “It cost a fortune to heat and cool.” Carol and her husband had also invested some money making the house accessible when Carol’s husband developed mobility issues. “We installed a chair to help him upstairs to his bedroom. The bathtub had to be fixed because it was too dangerous for him to step into for a shower,” she says. “One day, he said, ‘We can’t keep fixing up this house for me.’” Carol also thinks about how expensive the inevitable home repairs and monthly bills were. “Now I don’t have to worry about replacing a sump pump or a roof or a furnace,” she says. “I don’t have to pay for water, electricity, gas, garbage, or […]

Park Place of Elmhurst Resident and WWII Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

Friends, family and community members recently came together to celebrate the 100th birthday of World War II veteran and Park Place of Elmhurst resident, Sergeant Fae Gedz. Mrs. Gedz was born on June 12, 1919, in Chicago, Illinois and was raised in Maywood, where she attended Proviso Township High School. After high school, she was troubled by the turbulence of rising tensions in Europe, but motivated by the strong patriotism of her community and eager to do her part in the World War II war effort. “I knew I had to get in there and do my part,” she remembers. She enlisted in the newly-formed Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps and was assigned to the Ordnance Department, the division responsible for supplying weapons and ammunition to combat troops. She was deployed overseas early in 1943, and served at Allied Force Headquarters in Algiers, North Africa, under General Eisenhower in the United States Fifth Army. After completion of the North African Campaign, her next assignment was to Headquarters in Caserta, Italy, where she was never far from the battle front. There she witnessed the Bombing of Monte Cassino as well as the Allies liberation of Rome on June 5, 1944. Soon thereafter, […]

Seeing Through Their Eyes: Annual Dementia Education Supports Empathetic Memory Care

At Providence Life Services, we believe there is a better way through the journey of dementia. That’s why each year, every caregiver who works in one of our Memory Care communities – including nurses, CNAs, therapists, and Life Enrichment staff – attends 12 hours of extra training focused on providing quality, compassionate memory care. The 2-day continuing education seminar is presented by the Providence Research and Education Institute. Linda Schutt, Vice-President of Education, and her team continually refine the curriculum each year, incorporating the latest techniques and evidence-based practice. Understanding the Brain Participants begin by studying the human brain, lobe by lobe, and learning about the roles and functions of each area. Many areas of the brain work together in complex ways to facilitate language, which is why those with dementia often struggle to express themselves. The more advanced the disease becomes, the more important it is to not give up on communication. “People with dementia still have a need to be understood, and to understand,” says Linda. An Empathetic Approach Beyond a purely academic comprehension of the effects of dementia, it is important that caregivers develop empathy for those they serve by seeing the world through their eyes. One […]

The Veterans Benefit You Might Be Missing Out On

If you’re a veteran or a surviving spouse, you might be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in benefit payments to help you pay for assisted living, home care, or skilled nursing! It’s called the Veterans Aid and Attendance (A&A) benefit, and it’s possibly the VA’s best kept secret. What is Aid and Attendance? The Veterans Aid and Attendance Program is a program through the Department of Veterans Affairs which supplies additional monthly payments – above the normal VA pension amount – to qualifying veterans who require the aid and attendance of another person to complete activities of daily living. This can include activities like bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, or managing your medication – many of the things that caregivers at Assisted Living communities help residents with every day. Many people find that the extra help they get from Assisted Living actually allows them to live more independently and with less worry! A&A benefits can also be used to pay for In-Home Care, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing Care. How much money are we talking about? In 2019, a single veteran can receive up to about $1,800 a month and a veteran with a spouse or dependent up to […]

Leslie Gallegos named 2019 Hallmark of Caring Honoree

Leslie P. Gallegos, Staff Accountant for Providence Life Services, is one of our distinguished 2019 Hallmark of Caring Honorees! Leslie says, “The thing I like the most about working at Providence is the people and the environment. The Providence staff is very friendly, supportive, encouraging, and positive, and the work environment is very bright and sunny.” Leslie has accumulated many great memories in her 2 years at Providence, including winning cupcake wars and placing in the Christmas decoration contest. But her favorite memory is being selected for Hallmark of Caring this year. Before working for PLS, Leslie was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 12 years. She continues this work part-time, but also volunteers her talents. “I love the gym in the basement. I offer workout Wednesdays for employees free of charge at the PLS gym most Wednesdays at 5 pm.” Leslie has an accounting degree, and had a decade of experience in the accounting field. She wanted to return to that work, but at a company that cares for their employees and takes pride in their business. She found that here. “PLS believes and practices their motto with their employees and residents to enrich the lives of […]