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Put Your Best Foot Forward: Foot Care for Seniors

Even though they are often overlooked, maintaining healthy feet allows us to do the things we love to do – go for walks with grandchildren, drive to the movies, go to the grocery store and more. By the age of 50, the average person will walk 75,000 miles! The foot is one of our most complicated body parts – home to 26 bones and 33 joints on each foot. Taking good care of our feet as we age allows us to continue to be as active as we want, with less pain. Foot Changes with Age As our bodies age, the tendons in our feet get tighter and the ligaments get looser – meaning that bones will start to shift around, which may cause pain and bony growths. Like the skin everywhere else on our bodies, the skin and nails on our feet loose elasticity and can become dry and brittle, which can lead to cuts, scrapes and blisters that can become infected. When you couple this with poor circulation – which lessens our healing ability – and loss of feeling in our feet (neuropathy), a small foot sore can grow into a larger infection. This can mean pain with […]

5 Key Considerations for Selecting an Estate Planning Attorney

You’re ready to hire an estate planning attorney to draft your will, but you’re not sure who to call. You’re in good company! Many people understand the importance of having a will or trust, but they’re stuck because they don’t have an attorney to help them. If you need an estate planning attorney, start by asking for recommendations from the people you know. Do your friends, family or coworkers have a legal advisor they trust? Does your pastor know of a lawyer connected with your church? You can also contact your local bar association or search online using a reputable source like the Christian Legal Society. If you need an estate planning attorney, start by asking for recommendations from the people you know. Once you’ve narrowed your list, these five considerations will help you identify the right estate planning attorney for you. You’ll want someone who understands your goals and shares your general values. If your decisions are guided by your beliefs about stewardship, or if you have charitable intent, make sure your attorney will support your planning decisions, not try to talk you out of them. Expertise. The right attorney is well-versed in the estate planning experience; a significant […]

Saratoga Grove staff make the difference, says resident’s son

Stella Sapolski lived at two other assisted living homes before her son, Richard Armstrong, found the Saratoga Grove staff and the wonderful community. “If I had initially known about Saratoga, I would have moved Mom here first,” he says. Richard loved that it was tucked away in a residential neighborhood, that the inside is well-lit and cheerful, and the competitive cost. But what really sold Richard and Stella on Saratoga Grove was the staff. “The Saratoga Grove staff–Saratoga’s loving and attentive nursing staff and caregivers—the staff here make all the difference. They really do!” he says. “I knew they cared about Mom, and she knew it, too.” During Stella’s stay at Saratoga Grove, she loved the chapel services, the bird aviary, and the outdoor views from her window and the many large picture windows on campus. She also took advantage of many of the activities, from bingo to arts & crafts, and many other social opportunities. Stella recently passed away, but Richard still thinks of Saratoga Grove fondly and recommends it highly. “The Saratoga Grove staff make all the difference–they really do!” “To the wonderful Saratoga Grove staff and loving caregivers at Saratoga Grove, on behalf of my recently deceased […]

Saratoga Grove resident comes for respite and decides to stay

When it became clear that Isabelle Cheffer needed some help at home, she moved in with her daughter Kathie Beran, with no intention of their living arrangement changing. Kathie and her mother had always been close, and who could provide better care than a loving daughter? But when Kathie’s father-in-law became sick, she and her husband had to leave town in a hurry. She found out that Saratoga Grove could provide short-term Respite Care on their campus. What that means is that Isabelle would live in a fully-furnished, private room at the senior community. She’d also be able to take advantage of all the amenities that Saratoga Grove residents had access to: 3 hot meals a day cooked by a talented chef, access to healthcare staff 24/7, activities and outings suited to her lifestyle, and so much more. Kathie and her husband Bob were able to take a worry-free trip to San Diego, knowing Isabelle was in good hands. When they returned, they were surprised to learn that Isabelle wanted to stay at Saratoga Grove. “We brought Mom for a respite stay. The rest is history!” Kathie Beran, daughter of Saratoga Grove resident Isabelle Cheffer “I’d always pictured her with […]

Film, volunteerism evident in Park Place resident’s life

A young boy from Monroe, Ga., began his life with the film industry by tearing tickets at a theater in town. Part of his job included climbing the outside stairs that led to the balcony, where he collected tickets from people of African-American descent so they could enter a segregated section of the theater to watch the movie—a memory that stayed with him throughout his life of civil rights activism. His passion for film and for advocating for the marginalized have converged many times throughout the Rev. James M. Wall’s varied and illustrious life, a life that is in its 9th decade, but which is still characterized by service and volunteerism. Early Years in Film Please don’t ask Jim to name his favorite movie. “I can’t really do justice to that question,” he says with a smile. “A favorite film, or a film I’d watch over and over again, or a film I would take with me to a desert island, or a film that impacted me most? It’s a broad question with a variety of answers, depending on meaning.” Jim has always appreciated movies as entertainment, but he learned to appreciate film as an art form while in graduate […]