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A Providence at Home Testimonial: “You really know they genuinely care.”

Since Lee Deutsche’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, he and his wife Mary Ann have learned to adjust to new challenges that come their way. Both were used to active lives involved in the political and business communities, but they had to step back and focus on health. The Deutsches chose Providence at Home when they learned that Lee would need home healthcare after his most recent hospital stay. “We didn’t know these people, and we didn’t know what to expect,” Mary Ann says. But they weren’t concerned for long. Lee and Mary Ann praise the professionalism and skill of Providence at Home staff, from the therapists to the home nurse to the CNAs. They noticed improvement right away, and they credit Providence at Home staff. “The advantage to home health and having therapy take place in your home is that you’re practicing in real situations,” Lee says. “You know what you’ll have to do on your own. You’re actually doing those things.” And the service they receive is not only physical, but so much more. “You really know they genuinely care,” Mary Ann says. “Sure, it’s not an easy thing for the families, but it can’t be an easy thing for the […]

A Park Place Testimonial: “It’s easy to be active here.”

When Caryl Rohlfing’s husband Harold fell at home and injured his face, they decided they needed to move somewhere where he could get the assistance he needed. “He’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s,” she says. “We didn’t know how fast it would progress.” The Rohlfing’s chose Park Place of Elmhurst because it had multiple levels of care, allowing Caryl to stay independent and active, even as Harold’s need for assistance increased. “When we first moved in, we lived in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. We had plenty of space for two people,” she says. “Then when it became clear he would be spending most of his time at the Health & Wellness Center, I downsized to a one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartment.” Because they were both on the same campus, it was easy for Harold’s caregiver to bring him over for long visits with Caryl. “They have excellent caregivers,” she says. “Really great workers who care about the people they serve.” When Harold passed away, Caryl became even more active in the Park Place community, especially with their exercise programs, which she says give the residents more quality of life, and may even add years to their lives. “My health has improved as […]

A Providence of Downers Grove Testimonial: “They make sure you’re taken care of.”

Thomas Lacy was on his way to work when another car going 90 miles per hour hit his car. That was the moment that changed his life forever. After a knee replacement and several months of therapy, Tom is going home. While he’ll still need therapy, he credits the expert team at Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Downers Grove for helping him make so much progress. “We worked every day,” Tom says. “Physical and occupational therapy every day. Sometimes it was pretty hard. But it felt good, and I’m getting a lot better.” Right away he noticed a difference in the community. He felt Providence looked and smelled clean, and that the staff really took time to get to know everyone there. “They’re always attentive to checking to see where you’re at and what your needs are. They make sure you’re taken care of.” Even though Tom is much younger than the average patient at Providence, he liked the people he worked with, and he appreciated the people who worked so hard to get him better. “When I’m up and walking around, I would like to come back and say thank you to everybody in here who’s helped me […]

A Saratoga Grove Testimonial: “We feel uplifted here”

Lois Pacholski has lived at Saratoga Grove for over five years. Her daughter Sue Donahue remembers how difficult it was when the family realized her mother needed memory care. “I looked at 10 to 12 other places. They were awful,” Sue says candidly. As a nurse, she understood how important it was to find a place that would attend to all of her mother’s needs, and she felt residential care was the safest place for her, but the search process discouraged her. Then Sue toured Saratoga Grove. “I just loved it,” she says. Sue felt the size was small enough to ensure her mother received the right kind of care, that the bright colors gave the place a warm, positive feeling, and that a private room would help Lois transition to her new home more easily. But she also loved the different philosophy of care that she witnessed from the staff. “I saw that the staff sits and eats with the residents. I just love that,” Sue says. “As a nurse, I know what people need, and the physical needs are just a part of it. They need to know they’re cared for.” And Sue knows her mother has that […]

An Emerald Meadows Testimonial: “You’re not going to find better memory care.”

When Colleen Treece was first diagnosed with dementia, her daughter Sue thought the family could deal with it on their own. “We moved in with her,” Sue says, “because our first wish was to keep Mom with us. But as her dementia progressed, it became clear that we needed to find a community where she could be safe and have a Memory Care program that could keep her mind stimulated.” They looked at several communities, but Sue knew Emerald Meadows was the right fit. “We liked Emerald Meadows because it was small,” Sue says. “She needed something small, where she wouldn’t be overwhelmed.” Colleen moved in and soon settled into a place that welcomed her with open arms. Sue feels that, while the community is small enough to afford Colleen a great deal of individual attention, it’s also large enough to be comfortable. “Mom gets lots of visitors,” Sue says. “Her room is big, and there are other spacious areas where people can visit. There’s plenty of room. I can walk Mom around and take her to the courtyard. They have their own common area back there.” But for Sue, it’s about more than the amenities. “She’s developed relationships here,” […]