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A Providence Testimonial: “Finding you was divine providence.”

Angeline Vogel has known about Providence for a while; her grandmother lived in one of Providence’s communities years ago. But she didn’t know about Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Downers Grove. When it was time to make decisions for her mom Roelina Koenes Senesse’s healthcare, she wanted only the best. “As a nurse, I know a lot about healthcare, and I pick up on things,” Angeline says. “I wanted her somewhere where they would be attentive to her. I was having trouble finding it, and I wasn’t willing to settle when it comes to my mom’s care.” Then she heard about Providence in Downers Grove, and she was immediately struck by the kindness of the staff. Once Roelina moved in, the kindness continued, and she discovered so many areas that made Providence special. “The staff really knows her here,” she says. “They know what she likes and doesn’t like. They have activities she can be a part of, and they have special events. And Angeline and Roelina both appreciated all the little things that make the residents feel comfortable. “They have a brand-new salon, and a hairdresser does my mom’s hair every week,” Angeline says. “I like the coffee […]

A Park Place of St. John Testimonial: “I’m surrounded by friends.”

My husband was very protective of me,” Grace Haan says. Her husband was in the hospital and didn’t want her to stay at their home alone, so she moved to the guest room at Park Place of St. John last year while they waited for an open apartment. They had looked at Park Place of St. John and knew that they wanted to move here eventually, most likely when Phase II was completed. But when Grace’s husband died, she and her children decided that an early move to Park Place was a good idea. “They’d looked at several places,” Grace says, “and they said, ‘Park Place is the only place.’” Since moving to Park Place of St. John (where her best friend also lives), she realized there were several people living there that she already knew, and she’s made plenty of new friends, too. “There’s so much to do here. Dominoes. Hymn Sing. Just spending time at breakfast in the morning with my neighbors. I’m never alone unless I want to be.” While Grace wishes her husband was sharing Park Place with her, she is also grateful for the loving, supportive community that has welcomed her. “I know that he […]

An Emerald Meadows Testimonial: “Everyone who comes to visit says, ‘I want to live here.’”

Spyro Lambros spent his life working in hotel management, so he knows what good customer service looks like. And in his estimation, since moving to Emerald Meadows last July, he believes the service there is first-rate. “When I ask for something, they’re willing to find it for me. They’re right by my side every step of the way.” Spyro came to live at Emerald Meadows when he realized he needed a little help at home. He hasn’t regretted his decision to move. “It’s a really great place to live. It’s ideal!” he says. “Everyone who comes to visit says, ‘I want to live here!’” As Spyro walks down the halls of Emerald Meadows, he waves and greets each staff and resident by name and receives smiles and greetings in return. He points out that many residents choose to leave their apartment doors open. “This is a family here. We’re all living in the same house!” In August, Spyro was crowned the Prom King of Emerald Meadows. He considers it an honor. “The way you’re treated here—they just know how to make a person feel special.” “I enjoy these people,” Spyro says, and it’s clear the feeling is mutual. Learn more […]

A Victorian Village Testimonial: “After my stay here, I certainly don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Nancy Langeland needed rehab after a knee replacement. With 14 stairs waiting for her at home, she knew recovery would be a challenge. She was looking for a place that would provide both the skill and the comfort she needed to be ready to go home. She heard about Victorian Village from a family member. “My daughter-in-law is a nurse practitioner, and they had a relative come here. That person really liked it.” But Nancy thought Victorian Village’s Health and Wellness Center would be like a nursing home. “She said, ‘Mom, it’s not a nursing home. You have to come see it.’” When Nancy saw the Small House style of rehab, she was impressed, and made the decision to go to Victorian Village for rehab. “I said this is where I want to be.” But her doctor was against it. “He wanted me to go home. He said he worried about infections in a rehab facility. I told him how we have rehab six days a week, and that I didn’t have anyone at home to help me. So he finally gave me the okay. And he didn’t have to worry about an infection. This place is pristine.” Nancy’s rehab […]

A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial: “It’s a great thing to be here.”

Russell Borgman didn’t have to move too far to move to Royal Atrium Inn. “I lived across the road for 20 years,” he says, “and I had a condo in Florida where I used to spend some time.” But as Russell’s physical needs increased, his doctor decided the trips to Florida would take too much of a toll on his health. “I knew I needed some help,” Russell says, “so I decided to move to Royal Atrium Inn.” Since moving, Russell enjoys his one-bedroom apartment and the help he gets. “They check on me here,” he says. “My lungs are bad, and it makes me feel better that they check on me 4 or 5 times a night.” But Russell also enjoys the greater independence he feels since moving to an Assisted Living community. “The food is great—I never run out of things to eat, and I never have to cook. And I feel like I can do what I want here because I always have people looking after me.” For Russell, though, the amenities are only a part of what he loves. “This is a great atmosphere,” he says. “The people are just tremendous. They know you by name […]