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A Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John Testimonial: “This is a breath of fresh air”

Gail Larson has extensive experience choosing skilled nursing care for her loved ones, as she’d had to find care for both her mother and mother-in-law. So when it came time to help her husband Dean find the best rehab after a double knee replacement, she remembered Park Place. “I’d seen some ads when it first opened, and I’d heard good things,” Gail says, “and Dean’s surgeon highly recommended it.” Gail and Dean toured several facilities, some much closer to home, but when they saw Park Place, they knew it was the right fit. “The staff is incredibly friendly,” Dean says. “This is a breath of fresh air.” Dean, whose serves as Vice-Chairman on the governing board of Shriner’s Hospital, knows his way around health care, and feels Park Place should be at the top of the list. “You’ve got a winning combo,” he says. “I love the staff, and the nursing is second to none.” Gail agrees. “His surgeon told us that the nursing care here is superior. And they offer therapy 6 times a week—most places don’t offer therapy on weekends.” Dean is growing stronger, but appreciates all the help he is getting during the recovery. “It doesn’t matter […]

A Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John Testimonial: “The best of the best!”

When Ron Cantway’s daughter Kristen came to tour the Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John, she came back with a good report. “She said, ‘This is a real good place. The Taj Mahal,’ she called it,” he says. Ron was hospitalized for over month for an infection, then went to another rehab provider, and then back to the hospital for another month. When it was time for his hospital discharge, Ron needed more medical help before he was ready to come home. That’s why Kristen chose Park Place for rehab. “She really made a great choice,” he says. When asked what makes Park Place different from other rehabs, Ron says, “A lot. The size, the people that work here. The smell here is even different. The food is real good. Everything about this place is good, as far as I’m concerned. This is perfect.” Ron has spent most of his time focusing on his health and getting his health back. But he’s also found time to spend at some of the many activities offered at Park Place, and he finds the other patients very friendly. “It’s the atmosphere that brings it out in you, really. It’s a […]

A Park Place Health & Wellness Testimonial: “I’m Right Where I Belong”

Ralph Trnka’s room certainly has his personal touch. The theme is nautical, pointing toward Ralph’s love of all things on the water. His wife Judy still lives in their townhouse in Tinley Park, but she visits regularly. It wasn’t an easy decision for Judy to move Ralph to Park Place. “I want to be with him, but I also want what’s best for him,” Judy says. Ralph’s physical needs had become too difficult for Judy to manage on her own at home. And because Ralph’s mind is so mentally fit, he wanted to stay active and involved with those around him. Park Place was the perfect fit for their family. “I don’t want to be a burden to anyone,” Ralph says. “I know that no one would ever feel that way, but I felt that way.” Ralph made the choice to move somewhere where trained, skilled professionals would take care of him. “I feel good about being right where I belong,” Ralph says. “And I am. I’m right where I belong.” Ralph’s daughters live nearby and visit frequently, and they bring their furry friends for visits, too. “Everyone loves when the dogs come by,” Ralph says. “Yes, and Ralph seems […]

A Royal Park Place Testimonial: “It’s so good to be home.”

Marge Kloosterman is a woman who is used to change. Marge grew up in the Depression, and then as an Army wife, has lived in several places all over the world. But when her husband died, that was a difficult loss to bear. “We had a great love story,” she says. “My friends were always trying to set me up, and I was never impressed. But he picked me up one Sunday afternoon, and everything changed. When he got home that evening, he told his brother, ‘I’ve just met the girl I’m going to marry.’” After four children and a lifetime of adventures, Marge found it difficult to move on with her life. “I was depressed,” she says simply. “I went from being an active person to someone who didn’t really want to do anything.” Marge lived next door to her son and daughter-in-law at the time, and they noticed the changes. “They looked in my fridge and said, ‘Mom, you’re not eating,” she says. “But I didn’t want to. I really didn’t care.” “I just heard about Royal Park Place,” her son told her, and then he asked if she would like to come see it. He explained that […]

A Royal Atrium Inn Testimonial: “I’ve made new friends.”

“This is the best place around Holland,” Rika VanderPloeg says. Rika had been looking for the right place to live, but the other places she saw weren’t quite right. She knew Royal Atrium Inn was the best place for her. Rika has taken advantage of many of the activities, including singspirations and slide shows, and she exercises on her own. “We have devotions here,” Rika says. “It’s the first place I saw where they acknowledge religion.” She’s also expanded her social circle. “I’ve made new friends here. I eat with two couples who have become very good friends, and I have another friend moving here soon,” Rika says. “I never run out of people to spend time with.” She also gives the staff credit for being kind and helpful. “They are very caring,” Rika says. “They try hard to satisfy you.” Her family is happy that Rika has found such a great place to get the assistance she needs while still enjoying life. “I’m so glad I came here,” she says. “It’s a beautiful place to live.” Learn more about life at Royal Atrium Inn by visiting our website, or give us a call at (616) 772-1248.