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Thanksgiving 2013

a special message from Richard C. Schutt, CEO What I love about November is that it gives me an official opportunity to reflect on the long list of things I’m thankful for. I’ll share a few of them with you here: I’m grateful for each one of the 4,876 clients who have trusted us to serve them in 2013. Their stories are varied, but all are testimonies of God’s faithfulness. I’m grateful for the generous community of faith that surrounds Providence Life Services. In addition to joining us at our annual Torchlight celebration in overwhelming numbers, your gifts and prayers enabled us to provide $3,015,797 in free care this year. I’m grateful that the faithfulness of God and the generosity of His people is not diminished by an environment of government reimbursement challenges. No matter what goes on in Washington, we are able to: Provide a high level of quality Maintain necessary accreditations Offer genuinely compassionate care As we head into the holidays, the Providence family has a lot to be thankful for. Most important is that God lets us represent His grace to a needy world. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! a a a a

Honor Flights at Park Place

“Everyone should serve,” says Fae Gedz matter-of-factly. “Kids today shouldn’t have a choice.” The five other veterans around the table nod and voice their agreement. It’s not that “kids today” are any worse than teens of the 1940s, Wally Sandberg is quick to explain. He remembers that when he was 18 or 19, the approaching war wasn’t any more meaningful to him than today’s news headlines are to today’s high schoolers. The difference is, Wally and his peers were drafted into service, required to enlist — and the resulting experience was formative for them. “It changed my life,” says Wally, who spent three years stateside in the Army Air Force. He doesn’t mean anything dramatic by that; just that serving his country gave him a larger sense of the world, and being forced to change his school and career trajectory gave him a chance to define himself in relation to that larger worldview. Park Place veterans Fae and Wally, along with Robert Engdahl, Bob Van Zandbergen, Tom Meyers, and Len Sytsma, are all World War II veterans who have participated in Honor Flight Chicago. They are also all residents of Park Place of Elmhurst, a Life Care community owned by […]

Appreciating Our Pastors

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and we took advantage of the occasion to ask Providence residents about their pastors. We put together this video to express appreciation for the work of our own chaplains, as well as the support of pastors from surrounding churches who bless residents of our communities with visits, prayers, and spiritual support. Thank you!

“Rehab at Providence has given me
10 years of my life back”

If you’ve been tolerating pain because you think nothing can be done about it, think again. John Kovas was kind enough to tell us about his life before rehab, as well as the new hope that a good rehab program makes possible: Stories like John’s are repeated every day at Providence communities that offer rehab. Ask Providence how our expert rehab programs can help you get back to your life: Park Place Health & Wellness Center of Elmhurst Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center of Downers Grove

A Salute to Our Veterans

guest post by Jeff Zylstra, Community Manager, Royal Park Place and Royal Atrium Inn It is an annual tradition for Royal Park Place and Royal Atrium Inn (Providence communities in Zeeland, Michigan) to host a Fathers Day event. This year we invited Mr. Cal Klokkert, a Johnny Cash impersonator, to entertain us. The program was exceptional! Mr. Klokkert intermingled songs with biographical information that made “The Man in Black” come to life. Toward the end of the program, Mr. Klokkert asked if there were any veterans in the room. Although I didn’t have time to count, I was amazed that about one-third of the hundred men in the room raised their hands. There were World War II veterans, Vietnam veterans, Korean War veterans, and Gulf War veterans. Before the rest of us had time to applaud, Mr. Klokkert asked two veterans to help him with his next song. Don Schrock, a Royal Park Place resident, and his son-in-law Warren Harding walked to the front. Mr. Klokkert carefully unfolded a tattered American flag and asked them to hold it while he sang Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag.” RAGGED OLD FLAG I walked through a county courthouse square— on a park bench, […]