Assisted Living at Emerald Meadows

Assisted Living in Cascade TownshipCozy Assisted Living
in Grand Rapids

If you’re looking for Assisted Living in Cascade Township, Michigan, Emerald Meadows offers plenty of opportunities for people who want a warm, vibrant community with convenient services. You’ll enjoy easy-to-manage personal space, along with community areas that offer room to socialize. Our attentive housekeeping staff will dust and vacuum once a week. Three times a day, our chef will prepare a meal for you that is nutritious and delicious. And you can choose from a schedule of life-enriching recreational opportunities.

Assisted Living and Memory Care

The Assisted Living care we offer at Emerald Meadows comes in three levels — Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Memory Care is another option, if that ever becomes necessary.

No matter what level of care you choose, all our apartments offer these benefits:

  • Barrier-free, full-sized bathrooms
  • Walk-in showers with built-in seating and adjustable shower heads
  • Beautiful bay windows with gorgeous views

Want to learn more?

Contact Emerald Meadows to talk to knowledgeable staff who want what’s best for you and your family. They can explain how Assisted Living is different from Skilled Nursing care, how pricing works, what a typical day is like, and more. When you’re ready to see for yourself, they’ll invite you in for a visit, so you can see the apartments, meet staff and residents, and get a general sense of the place. Take a small step and fill out the form below.