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In Our Residents’ Words

We hear so many stories of happy residents and their families. They’re glad they chose Emerald Meadows, and they want to tell you why. Here are some of their stories.

Hand writing emerald meadows testimonial on paper

“All those little things—they take care of you here.”

— Sylvia

Sylvia and her family realized she was spending more money to live at her home than she would be if she lived at Emerald Meadows. She chose to move to have the safety and security of healthcare staff on hand 24/7—and to save money!

“You’re not going to find better memory care.”

— Sue & Colleen

Sue wanted her mother Colleen to stay with her at home, but soon her physical needs became more than Sue could handle. Sue wanted a Memory Care program where her mom would have a full lifestyle, but that was small enough to ensure Colleen received lots of attention. Sue found the Memory Care program she was looking for at Emerald Meadows.

“I like my freedom. They respect that.”

— Avis

Avis loves the combination of independence and assistance she’s found at Emerald Meadows.

“We were really impressed.”

— Keith & Ardis

Keith was picky about where his wife Ardis would live once her memory care needs demanded more healthcare than he could provide at home. When he and his family visited Emerald Meadows, they knew they found the best place for Ardis.

“He’s well-taken care of here.”

— Chris & Walter

Chris’s uncle Walter has lived at Emerald Meadows for 6 years. They never imagined they’d have to go through a global pandemic and be separated from each other for so long. But Chris is thankful that good people are watching out for her uncle. “He’s well-taken care of here,” she says.