Memory Care at Park Place Elmhurst

Memory Care in ElmhurstPeace of mind for the whole family

Need a better way through Alzheimer’s? Park Place is here to help. With creative programming and credentialed staff, Park Place offers quality Memory Care in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Why Park Place Memory Care?

At Park Place Health & Wellness Center, Memory Care residents benefit from a secure environment that still offers meaningful, life-enriching activities. In fact, as our staff get to know the personalities, preferences, and life stories of the residents, they design interactions that draw people out and help them make connections. The work of a local artist helps share those connections visually and creatively.

Customized service plans

Assuring that your loved one’s needs are met is a priority that Park Place Health & Wellness Center is equipped to handle. Studies have shown that involving multiple senses can activate memories in different ways, so we make a variety of activities available. We design activities that engage residents physically, intellectually, and socially. And we do all this in a secure environment that enhances safety.

Specialized training

Providence Life Services offers caregiving staff 12 hours of specialized training each year. Staff learn about the pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease, the types and causes of memory loss, the latest forms of treatment, and strategies for communicating with people whose language skills have been diminished by the disease. This training equips our staff to design customized service plans that improve quality of life.

With you, for you

Memory Care at Park Place Health & Wellness Center provides a peace of mind you can feel. Family members are as involved as they choose to be, and staff become an extension of the care each family knows their loved one deserves. Family members often work with us to build connections, but they are free to step back and get the rest they need, knowing we are here to care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sound good?

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