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Park Place Reviews

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I was at Park Place for a two-week stay after knee replacement surgery. I have nothing but high praise for the services, people who work there, and the food was delicious. My re-hab went well though the therapy department, and my walking exercises took me throughout the facility and I was amazed how lovely the residents room looked as we walked by. The facility was immaculate and the whole staff regardless of their jobs were always friendly and accommodating. The care and concern for each person was very evident. The decor of the building is so inviting and friendly and lovely design. I have nothing negative to say about anything during my stay.-resident

I spent two weeks in rehab there after my knee surgery. What a beautiful place.-resident

I really liked Park Place for my mom last year when she had her amputation which required rehab and PT. The facility is clean and absolutely beautiful. The activities they offer, definitely make the patients feel entertained and able to enjoy the time year while they heal and receive the therapy they need. The nurses are attentive and are on top of things whenever you need them. I would definitely recommend Park Place!!!-daughter of resident

My mother stayed at Park Place twice after surgery for rehab. The environment, staff and rehabilitation services were OUTSTANDING. She had a setback while there, the nurses noticed immediately and took no chances. When she got to the ER, the dr. that was there is now her permanent internal medicine dr because I liked so much. I’m forever grateful to Park Place.-V.H.C., daughter of resident

Park Place of Elmhurst was very professional. They were able to give me information immediately via email in regards to pricing and detailed information about the programs. During the tour, they showed us different options for my mother, the dining room, the physical therapy room, the salon, and the library. They also showed us where my father could stay in the memory unit. The staff was very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions that we had. What I really liked was she knew all the residents by name.” – Laura

Everyone is very friendly and helpful.” Gave a 5-star review.-K. W., family member of resident

Most compassionate staff ever. Very clean. Would recommend it anytime.”-L. B., resident

My parents love it here. I enjoy visiting them there too.”-S. C., daughter of rehab residents

With apologies to Walt Disney, Park Place of Elmhurst has to be the second Happiest Place on Earth!! You will enjoy comfortable living, provided by the most caring staff, I cannot praise enough the food you will be served by a ever-smiling staff, you’ll wonder why you would ever go out to eat!!!, wonderful, wonderful food…There are numerous activities for you to enjoy at your own pace, and make life-long friends. The feeling of home will greet you the moment you cross the entrance to our beautiful community. My family is overjoyed that we discovered Park Place for my care, security & new home. We researched independent living in the vicinity, but once we met & were welcomed by Kathy, in marketing, this was it, we never looked back…I and my family know I am always safe with the pendant they provide, help is always a button away, and the Wellness Nurse, Lora, has nothing but your security, health, and maybe, most important, your safety…I cannot stress enough, how important that is to me & my family..Lora, is indeed, a real gift to the community! She will take care of you as if you were her own family…Come and visit us, and leave your concerns at the entrance…I feel so fortunate, I’ve never been happier, and you can be too!!”-M. N., resident

I started my rehab for a total knee replacement at Park Place. At first I was a bit skeptical because of my age, but I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. The staff was excellent and I could have not recovered with out the assistance of Park Place. My Physical Therapist was excellent. My Occupational Therapist was the best. My CNA was delightful, and my night nurse was the best. This was a phenomenal team with the right personalities and bedside manner — thank you!”-S. D. rehab client

It is 3:00 in the afternoon on Saturday. I am in the library. The atmosphere is beautiful. There are people outside, in the living room, in the bistro with visitors coming and going. There are smiles, laughter, conversations, grandchildren, people being moved around in wheelchairs, etc. It may sound like a lot of activity, however it is still very peaceful and relaxing. It made me realize what a wonderful place this is. We are lucky to be here. WHAT A PLACE!”– J. V., current resident

I liked it there so much, I almost cried when my rehab was done and I had to leave!” – Park Place rehab client

You can feel the Christian influence throughout Park Place. I am not the only one who feels this way — residents talk about it all the time. Keep up the good work!” – Park Place resident

In addition to the wonderful physical facilities, we have the most wonderful staff that you could ever, ever imagine. We have a feeling of security and comfort here that is just beyond description.” – J. C., current resident

The day we moved in, while our apartment was still cluttered with boxes, our new next-door neighbor came over — and she had baked us a little banana bread. And it’s been that way ever since. It’s really a very warm place.” – L. S., current resident