Ardess Van Prooyen PPSJ

rehabArdess Van Prooyen:
“My doctor was very impressed with my progress”

Ardess Van Prooyen needed knee surgery, and she knew that it would be followed by weeks of rehab. So when she began scheduling the procedure, she researched rehab options in the area. She needed a place that would have not only the expert rehab she needed, but also room for her husband Burt to stay with her. Burt has given up driving, and they didn’t want to both be alone during weeks of rehab.

Here when you need us

The first place she called no longer offered the services they needed. Another had no openings that coincided with her surgery date. Then she saw a newspaper ad for Park Place of St. John.

The Van Prooyens had been thinking about moving into a retirement living apartment at Park Place, but they were in no particular hurry. They didn’t realize that the “Small House” skilled nursing and rehab options would become available first — or that they would need those services so soon.

Serving the whole family

Burt moved in to the Small House first. He got settled while Ardess was at Rush Hospital. Because of the way a Small House is set up, it was easy for Burt to make friends with the staff and other rehab clients. By the time Ardess arrived a few days after her surgery, Burt was familiar with the meal routine, the devotions schedule, and the planned activities. Ardess could focus on rehab.

Rehab results

“I give the therapy an A++,” says Ardess. “My doctor was very impressed with my progress. I said at Rush, ‘If you get any patients from northwest Indiana, you should send them to Park Place!'” She and Burt are already making plans to return when she has her other knee done.

What about you?

If you need hip, knee, or shoulder surgery, and you know you’ll need rehab afterward, follow Ardess Van Prooyen’s advice and think Park Place. Here are two ways to get more information:

  1. Call (219) 351-5200 to talk to knowledgeable staff who want what’s best for you and your family.
  2. Email to ask questions and get information.

Don’t put off that surgery any longer! Contact Park Place today!