Donna Moore PPHWCSJ

rehab in Northwest IndianaDonna Moore:
“Park Place is the best place to be”

“If you have to be away from home, Park Place is the best place to be,” says Donna Moore. She is back on her feet after successful physical therapy at Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John.

Active and motivated in her 70s, Donna didn’t have any reason to expect her busy ways to suddenly be interrupted in December. She was preparing her home for prospective buyers. Her hands were full, and she missed a step, falling hard onto the tile. She severely fractured her femur and would require weeks of rehab.

Making the right choice

After surgery and her release from the hospital, Donna moved into a different facility for rehab — but after just one night, she and her family knew it wasn’t the right situation for her. When she transferred to Park Place, she says the difference was clear right away. First, she was welcomed at the door by name, and when she reached her room she was greeted by the sight of a gift bag and poinsettias.

But it was more than the personable staff; it was the clear attention to her health and therapy that stood out the most. The therapists kept her moving along the path of recovery, and she joked with them that they circled her like sharks to make her put in the needed time. “You’re tired by the time you’re done, but it’s so good,” she says. “I would not be walking if it weren’t for them.”

Not just the therapy

To Donna, one simple anecdote shows the responsiveness of the Park Place staff: She always enjoyed watching the chef prepare the meals. One day, noticing he was preparing fish, she mentioned she shouldn’t have fish that day. He asked what she wished for instead, and she said a hamburger sounded good. With that one little remark, she got her hamburger. “If you want something, you just have to ask for it,” she says.

Those kinds of interactions are possible because Park Place Health & Wellness is a “Small House.” That means the setting is more personal, and staff and clients are able to interact with each other. The Park Place dining room is like a family dining room, right next to the kitchen. The chef chats with people while he’s dicing vegetables, browning hamburger, and mixing flour.

From those small acts of kindness to the important skills of caregiving, Donna says Park Place is the right choice. Today, she is walking without any assistance! “I had such good care at Park Place,” she says.

What about you?

Donna Moore has great respect for her doctor, but when she disagreed with his decision, she took control of her own health. She first tried the facility her doctor referred her to, but she wasn’t comfortable with what she saw there. Rather than just put up with it, she took matters into her own hands and made her own decision. You can do that too if necessary.

If you are anticipating a surgery that will require rehab, here are two ways to get more information:

  • Call (219) 351-5200 to talk to knowledgeable staff who want what’s best for you and your family.
  • Email to ask questions and get information.

Don’t put off that surgery any longer! Contact Park Place today!