Tom and Julie Anderson PPSJ

AndersonTom and Julie Anderson:
Experiencing Providence

The Andersons love their new home at Park Place of St. John. They were among the first to move in when the Retirement Living apartments opened, and they recently experienced more Providence services when Tom had a bout with pneumonia. The illness weakened him, and he fell and was hospitalized. He was released into rehab at the Park Place Health & Wellness Center, where he regained enough strength to return home. In their apartment now, Tom is receiving Home Health services from Providence At Home. A recent conversation with Tom and Julie Anderson brought out a lot of positive comments!

On community

“The people are great. Everybody is so nice. Such a nice bunch of people.”

On the location of their apartment

“We love the long hallway! I really enjoy the walk going to and from the elevator. And the therapist said that’s really the best thing for Tom. First thing she does when she gets here is take Tom for a walk down the hallway!”

On family

“The kids were really thinking ahead. I mean, this decision really takes the pressure off them — they don’t have to worry about us falling down the basement stairs!”

On downsizing

“I was worried about where we would store things, but that hasn’t been a problem at all. We have plenty of space.”

On the second bedroom


“At first I thought, ‘We don’t need that. How often are the kids really gonna stay over?’ But then my daughter suggested using it as a den, and that’s been really nice. We put some of our living room furniture in there, and Tom keeps all his model airplane stuff spread out on the table.”

On the decision to move

“I don’t know what more I can say. I just love it here! It’s as beautiful to me as my house was. I’m not sorry at all that we moved. In fact, I’m really glad.”

What about you?

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