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I’m right where I belong.” – Ralph, resident
When it became difficult for his wife to take care of him at home, Ralph and Judy decided that Park Place Health & Wellness Center of St. John was the perfect fit for Ralph. Read their story here.

My mother has had several stays at Park Place Rehab, with excellent results. The physical therapy as well as the care was the best. She is now a resident in Faith House, in Assisted Living.” – E.N., daughter of former rehab resident

I had the BEST rehab at Park Place in St. John last year. I recommend to anybody & everybody!” – L.B., former rehab resident

My Husband is in there now. Rehab. The nurses and all that work there are so nice. They are helping him so much to get back in life. My husband and I just love the place.It’s a great place that helps a lot.” – M.K.S., wife of a rehab resident

My mother was here after a hospital stay for rehab. When my Dad was at another rehab center last year we hated leaving him because he was neglected there! We loved the excellent care she received at Park Place! I would highly recommend it, and would take my mother there again if needed. They were all very kind and caring people!” – G.K., daughter of a rehab resident

My mother was here for almost one month. The care provided was excellent. The therapy was the most aggressive she has ever had. Everyone from nurses to housekeeping, including the cooks were kind.” – E.N., daughter of a rehab resident

I was there for rehab on my knee. Was a great place to be. The staff was awesome and I recovered quickly.” – M. G., rehab resident

I told my doctor I wanted to go to Park Place.” – Carol Zandstra, resident
After surgery, Carol knew where she wanted to go for rehab. Read her story here.

You can be as active as you want here.” – Carol Zandstra, resident
Carol enjoys the worry-free retirement living at Park Place, but she still gets involved in activities in and outside the community. Read Carol’s story here.

It’s a breath of fresh air.” – Dean Larson, rehab resident
Dean’s surgeon recommended Park Place of St. John for rehab, and now, after a successful rehab, Dean and his wife Gail see why. Please read Dean and Gail’s story here.

[My husband] rang the bell at 2:30 in the morning one time because he was hungry. The kitchen made him a peanut butter sandwich. You can tell the people are serving because they have a kind heart. We’ve had a wonderful experience here!” – M. A. C., family member of a rehab resident

Fantabulous, wonderful care. Everybody is so caring. Everybody is so compassionate. Everybody is so kind and so willing to work. The progress that my mother made was just amazing. You gave me my mother back. I recommend Park Place to everyone now!” – D. B., family member of a rehab resident

The therapy was great. The accommodations were great. We were more than happy with them. We liked the atmosphere there.” – J. C., rehab resident

They were all excellent. The place was very clean and everybody was very nice.” – L. Y., rehab resident

When I got here, from what everyone told me, I was a mess. Every day I got better. It’s a wonderful place. It was like a castle when I walked in—I couldn’t believe it. They know how to push you, but that’s good. The whole setup is nice.” – J. S., rehab resident

I was just in Park Place for Rehab. It was really, really nice there, the care was great, and the rehab was the best! Enjoyed my stay and they helped me ever sooo much” – J. F., rehab client

My wife has been at Park Place St. John for only two days, and they have done more for her than any one else. We are very happy with the care she is receiving.” – J. C., rehab client

If you have to be away from home, Park Place is the best place to be. …I would not be walking if it weren’t for them.” – Donna Moore, rehab client
Read Donna’s full story here.

The therapy was great. The accommodations were great. And the Manager at Park Place runs a tight ship!” – J. C., rehab client

It’s a wonderful place. It was like a castle when I walked in — I couldn’t believe it. The whole setup is nice.” – J. S., rehab client

This is the Cadillac of the business. It’s a beautiful place.” – F. K., long-term care resident

I just love it here! It’s as beautiful to me as my house was. I’m not at all sorry we moved. In fact, I’m really glad.” – Julie Anderson, retirement living resident
Read more quotes from the Andersons here.

The people are what really make or break a place. This is why Park Place is the best. Everyone makes everyone feel at home. – J. D., new residents

I give the therapy an A++. My doctor was very impressed with my progress. I said at Rush, ‘If you get any patients from northwest Indiana, you should refer them to Park Place!'” – Ardess Van Prooyen, “Small House” rehab client
Read Ardess’s full story here.

Staff have been very accommodating. Very accommodating.” – K. J., niece of our first “Small House” resident
Read the full story about our first “Small House” resident on our Providence Blog.

We’ve been looking for a retirement home for a while now, and we had been hearing about the new Providence community going up in Indiana. We called and asked a lot of questions. After seeing all the floor plans, we’ve got our eye on a Sprucewood on the first floor, with an attached garage. We put in our deposit to make sure we get it!” – B. and N., third depositors

It feels like I just won the million dollars. It feels fantastic. Exhilarating. Empowering. Overwhelming. I have a lot of friends and family in Indiana, so I’m happy to become a Hoosier. God is holding my hand and guiding me to Park Place — it will be my home until the end of my life, and I know I will be comfortable there.” – D. K., first depositor