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Essential Caregiver

Hope-Filled Living at Saratoga Grove Assisted Living in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Are you an Essential Family Caregiver?

We recognize the critical role family members often have in the care and support of our residents.

Recently released guidelines now provide for a designation of an Essential Caregiver in assisted living communities.

Elderly woman places her arm around the shoulders of an elderly man

The Essential Family Caregiver Program presents a partnership between Royal Atrium Inn and the family of our residents. This allows family members to provide emotional and physical companionship through face-to-face scheduled visits with the people they love. Visits are agreed upon by the community and the family, and are coordinated for the health and safety of all residents.

These visits from Essential Family Caregivers are part of the resident’s plan of care. The caregivers must follow all community health and safety guidelines, and they must also understand that the availability of the program may change depending on status of the community.

Find out if you qualify.

To learn more about the Royal Atrium Inn Essential Family Caregiver program, simply fill out the form below, or contact our Community Manager at (616) 772-1248.