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Royal Park is a very friendly place, both residents and staff are eager to help. The food is delicious and the wait staff are efficient and accommodating. There are many activities and events for the residents to enjoy. It is immediately obvious Royal Park is an organization that has a Christian caring attitude for the elderly. Our mother loves her apartment and everything else at Royal Park Place!” – M. T., daughter of a resident, Facebook Recommendation (April 2018)

I’m totally happy here.”    |   – Hal Hively, resident (February, 2018) Hal needed to find retirement living that allowed him to live maintenance-free, but still allowed him all the freedom of independent living. He found what he wanted at Royal Park Place. Read Hal’s full testimony of life at Royal Park Place.

My Father moved in to Royal Park Place 7 months ago. He was concerned about the change in lifestyle and very apprehensive at first. It took a little bit of adjustment but immediately he was welcomed into the community and started seeing the benefits of living at Royal Park Place. He now is SO thankful he made the move!! He truly LOVES everything about his new home, the people, the activities, the food, the fellowship. His physical and mental health have both improved significantly!! Thank you Royal Park Place for providing such an incredible home for by awesome Dad!!” – L. P., daughter of resident, 5-Star Google Review (January 2018)

I like the Christian atmosphere. The staff is wonderful—they’re so kind and helpful. Everyone here is so kind. We all get along well. I just love it here.” – T. J., resident (January 2018)

To be at a place where there’s more people, rather than being alone—that makes all the difference. It’s the Christian atmosphere. You see it in the way you’re treated—the staff is fantastic. There are so many activities, and it’s entirely up to you if you want to be involved. It seems like there’s something for everyone. I love it. I really do.” – H. H., resident (January 2018)

To sum it up, it’s one big happy family.” – B. H., resident (January 2018)

They do a wonderful job with programs. There’s any kind of game you can imagine. The leadership here is just outstanding.” – E. H., resident (January 2018)

I’m totally happy here. I really like the people. Staff here are so personable. I get along with everyone who lives here. They’re exceptionally friendly.” – H. H., resident (January 2018)

Everybody was friendly and welcoming. It just takes a little while to make it feel like home.” – B. M., resident (January 2018)

There’s no place like this place. It has a lot to do with the staff as well as the residents. We grow older, but we have dignity. This is an exceptional place. I feel safe. I feel loved. I feel secure. I feel content.” – H. H., resident (January 2018)

I love it here. I honestly do. They have a lot to do here if you want to get involved. They keep it clean and they’re very helpful here—very friendly. I’m very happy to be here.” – A. D., resident (January 2018)

My Mom and Dad just moved in and they think the food is fantastic. They also say that the residents and staff are very friendly. They think the Christian atmosphere shows. I’m so happy for them!” – C.K., daughter of residents (October 2017)

Ray and I moved to Royal Park Place one year ago! We are enjoying our new home, dining with new friends, and plenty of activity, programs, games, etc. you can participate in, or close your door and spend some quiet time alone if that is what you prefer! Come and check it out! 🙂 – Barbara Mayhew, resident (October 2016)

I went to visit six different retirement places, and…I picked Royal Park Place because I just liked it the best. It seemed to even be more inexpensive than the others, so that was good! That’s how I made my decision to come here. I must have lived at Royal Park Place for 9 or 10 years. And then…I had to have more care, and that’s why I came to Royal Atrium Inn. I like the people, I like the food, I like everything. I don’t have any complaints! – Mildred VanderBeek, Royal Park Place resident who moved to Royal Atrium Inn (2015)

I spoke with Mary & Sherry on the phone regarding the independent and assisted living offered at Royal Park Place. It has been ages since I have talked to two individuals on the phone who were so willing to take time out of their day to help me understand senior housing options.” – T. C., son of resident

Mom always says that they take good care of her and the food is very good. – F. B., daughter of resident

The staff here at Royal Park Place are more than helpful. They have made my adjustment to apartment life very kindly and helpful. – T. E., resident

My mother has lived in Royal Park Place for many years. Not only is she very comfortable there, but she has been blessed by and ministered to by the wonderful staff. I would like to especially compliment Jeff Zylstra for his concern and support. He and the team at Royal Park Place certainly live by your mission statement, ‘To enhance the lives of those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ.’ – O. P., son of resident

We are thrilled to have our mother living here. What a very positive move this has been for her. – D. L., daughter of resident

You never have to be lonely. There’s always someone to talk to. – current resident