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Irene PolivkaIrene Polivka:
“I could tell right away this was a nice place”

When Irene Polivka, at the age of 99, fell in her condo and broke her collarbone, her children decided she should no longer live on her own.

Irene would probably not have made that decision herself, but she did agree to submit to her kids’ direction. She shrugs and admits, “I was losing my balance. And I was falling, yes. And, well, I was afraid to go out by myself.”

So Irene’s children did the research and brought her to Saratoga Grove for a visit. “I could tell right away this was a nice place,” Irene remembers. “There were a bunch of nice people in the entry area by the door.”

Smaller room, bigger life

“I had more room at home,” she says, as if that is her only regret. But a plastic storage bin in the corner testifies to her active involvement in downsizing.

And her rekindled social life more than makes up for the smaller living space that she doesn’t spend much time in anyway. “I go to all the activities,” she boasts, describing the two-prize limit at bingo (her favorite pasttime) as well as a Sunday afternoon hymn sing across the way at Providence of Downers Grove.

Learning from Irene

She’s reluctant to give advice to others who are researching retirement options (“Just because I like it here doesn’t mean they will”), but she did share one thing she has learned about community living: “Don’t talk to yourself, ’cause someone else might hear you.”

Before Mom falls

If you have some concerns about Mom or Dad living alone, don’t wait too long to have a conversation. A gentle first step might be to contact Saratoga Grove and see what kind of events we have scheduled. Visiting our campus for a concert or an art show might be a non-threatening way to bring up the subject.

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