Memory Care at Saratoga Grove

Memory Care in Downers Grove“Best decision ever”

“Our goal was to find a place where Mom could be involved in activities throughout the day in a place that wasn’t too big and where she wouldn’t get lost in the mix,” one of our families told us when they chose Saratoga Grove’s Memory Care. Our Memory Care residents live on the second floor, so they are safe and secure, but the open architecture gives them a sense of freedom and peace. “We are extremely pleased we made the move for her,” this family affirmed. “Best decision ever was to move our mom to Saratoga Grove.”

When you need quality Memory Care in Downers Grove, call Saratoga Grove. Our Memory Care programs are customized to each resident, so your family member receives personal, meaningful attention throughout the day. As staff get to know the personalities, preferences, and life stories of residents, they design interactions that draw people out and help them make connections.

For example,

Irene knows that Alzheimer’s can make you feel isolated. She remembers that she was lonely before moving to Saratoga Grove. But now she says, “I’m not lonely anymore.” By clicking that link and reading Irene’s story, you’ll see how intentional interactions have resulted in a higher quality of life and greater peace of mind for her and others.

Customized care

At Saratoga Grove, you can get customized Memory Care services for a predictable monthly price. (There’s no entrance fee, or buy-in, or long-term commitment.) The Memory Care “neighborhood” at Saratoga Grove provides a home to residents who need a secure environment that still offers meaningful, life-enriching activities. The ambience is nostalgic — old-fashioned lamp posts and street signs — and the programming is creative and personal. The private dining room offers social interaction without over-stimulation.

Elaine loves her life here. She never had children of her own, so it was a niece who recognized that Elaine was starting to need help. Someone at her church recommended Saratoga Grove, so she requested a tour. “I knew, just walking through, that this was the right place,” Elaine’s niece says. “It just seemed so homey and friendly.” Elaine agreed, and now she’s not only safe, but social!

Read what happened the day after Elaine moved in: “I feel so safe,” she says.

Comfortable surroundings

Memory Care at Saratoga Grove does not feel institutional at all. Our community is nestled within a residential neighborhood, and the grounds are dotted with trees and flowers. An environment like this helps infuse peace into what can often be a stressful situation — for family members as well as residents.

For example, Marie says, “I like the trees!” And you can see the peace on her face as she looks out the window. It’s a small thing perhaps, but it makes a big difference.

Specialized training

Saratoga Grove caregiving staff have received an additional 12 hours of specialized training in dementia care. They have developed an intuitive ability to understand the emotional challenges of memory issues, so they can craft personalized programs that reach people socially, spiritually, and creatively. Family members often work with us to build connections, but they are free to step back and get the rest they need, knowing we are there to care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a safe, secure environment that still allows freedom, dignity, and meaning.

Sensitive support

Like all Providence Life Services communities, Saratoga Grove is recognized for our excellent care and services, but the sense of ministry behind it all is what really sets us apart. We are a faith-based organization, and our in-house chaplain serves the spiritual needs of residents and family members, while compassionate caregivers serve the physical and medical needs. Our holistic support and sympathetic understanding of memory impairments can give you and your family peace of mind in a situation that feels overwhelming.

Get the help you need to make the most of a difficult situation. Email us to ask about Memory Care at Saratoga Grove.