Elaine Wehrmeister SG

Resident Elaine Wehrmeister gives a Memory Care TestimonialElaine Wehrmeister:
“I feel so safe here”

Elaine Wehrmeister never married and has no children, so when her memory started failing, there was no one to help keep her out of trouble. It was Elaine’s niece Sharon who noticed that Elaine was repeating herself and that she was inconsistent about recording checks and tracking finances. Then when Elaine fell and hit her head, the effect on her memory was noticeable, and Sharon began researching in earnest.

It was the parish nurse at her church that recommended Saratoga Grove, so Sharon agreed to a tour. “I knew, just walking through, that this was the right place,” Sharon remembers. “It just seemed so homey and friendly.”

The Director of Memory Care cautioned Sharon that it might take Elaine a couple weeks to settle in, but that turned out not to be an issue. When Sharon returned the next day, Elaine was not in her apartment — she was socializing with her new friends. “In fact, it’s almost impossible to get her when I call,” Sharon laughs. “She’s so busy. She’s never there.”

Sharon’s peace of mind comes from knowing how content Elaine is at Saratoga Grove. Her apartment is filled with treasured photos of her siblings, parents, nieces, and nephews — and she proudly points out the framed drawing of trains and horses that she received from Burlington Northern Railroad when she retired.

Though her conversation is repetitive, the theme is consistent with her bright smile: “I’m very grateful to be here. I really am. I feel so safe here. I don’t have any worries. I’m very grateful to be here. I really am.”

Want to keep your loved one safe — and social?

Here are three simple ways to get more information about Memory Care at Saratoga Grove:

  1. Call (630) 971-1995 to talk to knowledgeable staff who want what’s best for you and your family. They can explain what our Memory Care program is like, how pricing works, and more.
  2. Email SG@provlife.com to ask questions or request an Info Pack. Our staff will reply quickly and personally.
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