Irene Messerges SG

Irene MessergesIrene Messerges:
“I was lonely before; I’m not lonely anymore”

Irene Messerges has nothing but praise for Saratoga Grove — the food, the staff, her fellow residents, everything. “I’m lucky that I’m here,” she says.

Her daughter, Desi Bakalis, acted on the recommendation of a social worker at nearby Good Samaritan Hospital. Irene had been hospitalized after falling, and the social worker noticed she was having memory problems too. She knew that Saratoga Grove’s Memory Care program was unlike any other in the area.

Irene’s daughter appreciated that Saratoga Grove was close to her mother’s condo. She liked the size and the residential setting of the building. Making the transition was difficult for Irene, but Memory Care staff gave her all the time she needed to settle in, gently inviting her to participate in painting, board games, music — anything that might make a positive connection. And they kept Desi informed about her progress.

The transformation has been amazing. Desi says, “Her memory is much better now.” Irene may not remember specifics, but her feelings are positive. She can recall the podiatrist who recommended a wider shoe, the nurse who gently changed the bandaid on her toe, the housekeeper who baked brownies for everyone. She may not remember their names, but as they walk past, she smiles and recites their good deeds.

“They’re all so friendly,” she says. “They really take care of you. The residents are all friendly, and so are the workers. I was lonely before. I’m not lonely here.”

Desi is pleased about her mother’s renewed social life, but even more, she appreciates knowing that her mother is safe. “In her condo, living alone, if she falls, she can’t get up,” Desi remembers. But at Saratoga Grove, Irene is surrounded by people who care, and that gives the whole family peace of mind.

Want peace of mind?

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