Marie Zywert SG

Marie ZywertMarie Zywert:
“I like the trees”

One of Marie’s favorite benefits of Saratoga Grove’s Memory Care program is the view outside the windows. “I like the trees,” she says. “It’s so nice here.”

That may not seem like a major factor in a decision about Memory Care, but for Marie, Saratoga Grove’s location is a source of peace and reflection. The building is part of a residential neighborhood, and its landscaped lot is lined with mature trees. She loves to sit by the second-floor windows, watching birds flutter in and out of the birdhouses and seeing the sun filter through the evergreen needles.

“The people are nice too,” she adds, almost as an afterthought. “Everyone is nice.” And a minute later she confirms, “I would suggest this place definitely. I would recommend it.”

Want that kind of peace?

Here are three simple ways to get more information:

  1. Call (630) 971-1995 to talk to knowledgeable staff who want what’s best for you and your family. They can explain what our Memory Care program is like, how pricing works, and more.
  2. Email to ask questions or request an Info Pack. Our staff will reply quickly and personally.
  3. Visit our Facebook page to get a sense of regular, everyday life at Saratoga Grove. We post photos of residents, activities, entertainers, and more. Family members tell us they love being able to see what their loved ones are up to!