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John KammererJohn Kammerer:
“This is not a nursing home”

John Kammerer knows why people don’t want to come to Victorian Village. “They think it’s a nursing home,” he says. “All your life, you hear how terrible nursing homes are, so there’s a lot of fear.

“But this is not like that.”

John understands why people are afraid. He was in a nearby nursing home for about six weeks getting rehab, and he hated it. “They would wake me up at 6:00am, but breakfast wasn’t until 8:00am, so I sat there for two hours every morning. My schedule was based on what was most convenient for them, not for me.”

So when his family told him they had found a permanent place for him and his invalid wife Anne, John was fearful. He knew he and Anne needed help, but he dreaded the thought of spending the rest of his days with no freedom or dignity.

His fears dissolved when he walked in the front door at Victorian Village.

“Absolutely everyone here is nice,” he raves sincerely. “I feel like everybody here is our family. I call them all ‘my kids.’ The caregivers, the receptionist, the maintenance people — everybody would do anything for you.”

John found himself trying new hobbies — painting, growing flowers and houseplants, constructing little models out of clothespins or scrap wood. “There’s plenty for me to do here if I want to do it. At the other place, they told me what to do. Here, they ask me if I want to. And I love it! It’s a wonderful life.”

“It sounds like I’m raving too much,” laughs John, “But I really love it here. You know what the only adjustment was? I couldn’t believe it could be this good. Sometimes I still can hardly believe it. That’s the only adjustment.”

Want this kind of freedom?

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