Victorian Village reviews

Victorian Village Reviews

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“My mom’s experience and stay at Victorian Village was nothing short of grand.”
– A. N., daughter of rehab resident
Please read her testimonial to find out why.

“I couldn’t get over how quickly they got me better.”
– J. L., rehab resident
After a hospital stay, J.L. chose to go to Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center for physical rehab. Please read her testimonial to find out why she’d recommend Victorian Village to anyone.

My Mother was there for 10 days, they were amazing and treated her so well.”
– C. L.

I was in the rehab building for 3 weeks. Staff, Physical Therapy, and others were excellent. Food was good as well. I highly recommend this if you are in need of rehab!!!”
– S. O.

My mother had been residing with you at the “Faith” Small House in Victorian Village. During her stay with you she received excellent care. The premises were in tip top shape and the personal care she received was extraordinary. I would particularly like to put out the care she received from Laura and Pam, simply you could not ask for better hands to trust with the care of your loved one.”
– J. G., son of a former resident

This is a wonderful facility staffed by wonderful caring people! You can’t do better.”
– B. M., resident

This is a clean, well-run skilled nursing center. Their PT, OT, nursing staff, doctors and CNA’s are compassionate, caring, and always available to the patient. My progress is a direct result of their nursing skills and physical therapy. I highly recommend this facility when in need of skilled care.”
– R. W., rehab client

Extremely impressed with quality of care at this facility. All members of staff were kind, caring, professional, and conscientious. The patient stayed for three and a half weeks. As Power Of Attorney and friend, I could not believe the willingness of staff to consistently exceed my expectations. They became, in a little over three weeks, like members of our family. The atmosphere was positive and upbeat. Staff always encouraged the patient to succeed in reaching her goals and improve her condition. What else can I say — Victorian Village rehab has to be one of the best in our area!”
– M. M., friend of rehab client

reviewI keep on the go a lot – I’m in and out all the time. It’s used to be, years ago, that when you were 77, you were sitting in a rocking chair, waiting to die. It’s not like that anymore. There are so many people here who are over 90 and still active — I play pool with some of them, and we also have a Wii bowling league.”
– Pat R., resident Read Pat’s whole story

sb-VV_JohnAbsolutely everyone here is nice. I feel like everybody here is our family. I call them all ‘my kids.’ The caregivers, the receptionist, the maintenance people — everybody would do anything for you.”
– John K., resident
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reviewEveryone here was so kind after I lost my husband. They’re all in the same boat, so they know how it feels. We get together and talk about our husbands — what they did, what they were like. It’s good to talk. I wouldn’t have that if I was living alone.”
– Annette H.
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We are thrilled to have our mother living here. What a very positive move this has been for her.”
– D. L., daughter of resident

My mother is transitioning from the independent to the assisted living. Over the years, the entire staff has always been friendly, courteous, helpful, and endlessly patient. Please know that your kindness has been and will continue to be appreciated.”
– D. N., daughter of resident

We are extremely pleased with the care and services. Upon admission, the staff immediately helped him feel welcome, comfortable, and secure, thus making his transition to Assisted Living much easier.”
– D. D., daughter of resident

I will highly recommend Victorian Village to everyone who asks. The entire staff, from top to bottom, have been very professional, very helpful, and very patient and understanding in a very stressful time.”
– G. J., son of residents