ph-community_auxiliaryJoin a Providence Auxiliary

You can see it in the sparkle of their eyes. You can hear it in their joyful greetings and playful banter. Members of the Providence Auxiliary are the kind of people who just love life. And their cheerful service helps make life a little nicer for the rest of us.

What do they do? They donate their time to visit residents, help CNAs, serve in the gift shop, and bring people to worship services. Perhaps most important, they work hard to raise awareness and funds that directly benefit our residents. You can see the results of their efforts when you walk through the Providence Downers Grove community they serve. Included in their list of capital accomplishments: refurbished lobby areas for comfortable socializing, new mini-buses for resident outings, new maintenance trucks for more effective service, new shower beds and lifts, renovation and furnishing of guest rooms, large-print Scriptures and songbooks, new IV stands, specialized seating for people with poor lateral support, and many other life-enhancing items large and small. Money for these expensive items has been raised a few dollars at a time.

We are grateful for these committed, vibrant women, who joyfully donate time, money, skills, and laughter to make Providence the perfect setting for so many people. Becoming the hands and feet of Jesus, they bring to life the teaching of 1 John 4:12, ” No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”

Are you ready to make a difference? The Providence Women’s Auxiliary of Downers Grove is looking for new co-workers to help them plan events, raise funds, and enhance resident life in a hundred little ways. Contact them for more information: