Dining in style at Saratoga Grove

Dining room

The dining room at Saratoga Grove, before (top) and after (bottom) the renovations.

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (May 2015) — Have you seen the new dining room at Saratoga Grove yet? It is serving some very happy residents.

Renovations at the community, completed earlier this year, centered on the completely redesigned, reinstalled, and repositioned buffet line.

Saratoga Grove staff sought input from residents — whose recommendations resulted in the new and highly anticipated Panini grill — before custom-building the line with a team of architects and designers. It was expanded to allow for a wider variety of food options, and the serving trays were downsized to keep fresh food available. The layout of the room was also changed to provide for more seating and more space for entertainers.

Residents can still walk through the buffet line or choose to be served at their table, but they’ll have new options to choose from – not only Panini sandwiches, but also different pastas, made-to-order omelets, and waffles. And now there’s an ice cream freezer built right in to the buffet.

The new location of the buffet is also conveniently close to the kitchen for Chef Victor and his staff.

The old buffet line had been there since the building opened 25 years ago, and remodeling it was a year-long process that included approval from the Village of Downers Grove and DuPage County Public Health. Construction started December 8, the line was installed January 5, and Saratoga Grove got final approval on the morning of January 14. They opened for lunch that day.

While the dining room was under construction, tables were set up in a makeshift dining area on the first floor, and residents were offered free room service as an alternative option.

“We appreciated their patience through all the construction,” said Campus Director Megan Tengerstrom.

Work was also done by Roger Maatman plumbing, Boss Electric, and Jim Swan flooring, each of whom have worked in Providence communities before and understand how to respect the residents and their home.

“We heard a lot of compliments from the residents about the workers,” Megan said.

The new buffet line — and the new flooring, which came with the renovations — complement the new tables, chairs, and window treatments chosen by Communities Interior Auditor Vicki Sylvester and purchased in the last year.

“The Ladies Auxiliary helped with funding; we’re thankful for their support,” Megan said.

Through the support, work, and prayers of many people, we will keep improving as we serve the residents at all our communities. Click here to join us in our efforts!


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