An Emerald Meadows Testimonial: “Everyone who comes to visit says, ‘I want to live here.’”

Emerald Meadows Testimonial Spyro Lambros

Spyro Lambros spent his life working in hotel management, so he knows what good customer service looks like. And in his estimation, since moving to Emerald Meadows last July, he believes the service there is first-rate.

“When I ask for something, they’re willing to find it for me. They’re right by my side every step of the way.”

Spyro came to live at Emerald Meadows when he realized he needed a little help at home. He hasn’t regretted his decision to move.

“It’s a really great place to live. It’s ideal!” he says. “Everyone who comes to visit says, ‘I want to live here!’”

As Spyro walks down the halls of Emerald Meadows, he waves and greets each staff and resident by name and receives smiles and greetings in return. He points out that many residents choose to leave their apartment doors open. “This is a family here. We’re all living in the same house!”

In August, Spyro was crowned the Prom King of Emerald Meadows. He considers it an honor. “The way you’re treated here—they just know how to make a person feel special.”

“I enjoy these people,” Spyro says, and it’s clear the feeling is mutual.

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