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ph-free-downloadsResources you can refer to again and again

Providence is continually adding resources to this page, usually in response to a need expressed by a family member or seeker. If you have an idea for something you’d like us to develop, let us know by emailing


  • Research checklist – The Research Checklist can be used while you’re researching online or when you begin visiting retirement communities in person. Taking this checklist with you to each community you visit will help ensure that you ask the same questions each time, so you can make “apples to apples” comparisons.
  • Research checklist for in-home care – If you’ve decided to try in-home care for your parents, the options and the terminology are different, so we’ve created a separate checklist for that.
  • Move-In Checklist – When you do decide to move into a Providence community, this checklist can help you keep track of the details while you’re packing and preparing.

Compiling your healthcare info

  • Health Info Kit – This useful tool is the perfect place to compile your health information — or the health information of a parent you’re caring for.

Information about types of care

  • Providence Memory Care – When a family is facing an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, it can be overwhelming to decide to trust someone else for Memory Care. Providence understands that. We’ve designed Memory Care programs that give families peace of mind. Read more about it in this PDF.
  • Myths and Facts about Hospice Care – Do you have a hard time talking about hospice? You’re not alone. Download this guide to some common misunderstandings about hospice care.

Comparison worksheets

  • Financial Comparison Worksheet – Our Financial Comparison Worksheet helps you determine how the cost of moving to a retirement community compares with the cost of staying at home. It gives you a place to total all the expenses you might be taking for granted at home, so you can compare them to the monthly cost of a community, which may be more inclusive than you realize.
  • Decision Sifter – The Decision Sifter gives you a way to compare options side-by-side, listing the pros and cons of each. This is a tried-and-true method of weighing a lot of different factors, and as you and your parents collaborate over the tool together, you might gain insights into their values and fears.