Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a good day to spend expressing gratitude to God — but I also want to make sure I express my gratitude to you. There are three thank-yous in particular I want to say, and the Providence Blog gives me a good forum for doing that:

1. Thank you, Providence staff.

In all Providence communities, we are blessed with staff who genuinely care about the work they do. And it’s not only the direct care staff — it’s maintenance workers, receptionists, servers in the dining rooms, people in the business office, everyone. In fact, we had a special day last week to celebrate our frontline workers, and I was impressed again with the genuine dedication of all these staff. That means a lot to me. Thank you, Providence staff.

2. Thank you, Providence residents.

The opportunities I have to interact with our communities make me mindful of the really wonderful clients and residents we serve. I am often impressed by how much they care for each other, transforming each building into a genuine community. And I benefit from their wisdom, their humor, their Christian example. Thank you, Providence residents.

3. Thank you, Providence community.

More than 50 years ago, the idea for a ministry that would serve aging church members with dignity and Christ-like compassion came from the community of faith. That faith community has continued to fuel and expand and guide this ministry ever since. Not only are we upheld by your financial gifts, we feel the support of your prayers. And that is inspiring and humbling to me. Thank you, Providence community.

I am grateful to be in ministry with you.

Blessed Thanksgiving!

Richard C. Schutt, CEO


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