Hobbies for seniors are abundant at Providence communities

As people age and become more conscious of ways to preserve health, they often focus on healthy eating and exercise. But another important aspect of healthy living for seniors includes focusing on activities that feed their hearts and minds, as well as expand their social communities. Hobbies for seniors are a great way to feed those needs, and our Providence communities offer a variety of options for all of our community members.

  1. Exercise: While many seniors are able to keep up with their favorite fitness exercises, such  as 
    Portrait of an elderly man doing stretches and being assisted by a young instructor, one of many hobbies for seniors

    One of many healthy hobbies for seniors is exercise, a priority offered at our Providence communities.

    running, swimming, and walking, even limited mobility doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying this hobby. Most of our Providence communities utilize the services of SeniorFit, a company whose specialty is organizing fitness activities for seniors, increasing mobility and building strength (see their web site here). Other communities utilize their own exercise programs, based on the mobility needs of the population served. For instance, Providence Healthcare and Rehabilitation in Palos Heights partners with Trinity Christian College to offer exercise opportunities to their community members. We also offer various exercise groups at our communities, including walking clubs, yoga classes, and so much more. Exercise is a healthy hobby that improves mood, boosts health, and gives social opportunities.
  2. Games: Whether you enjoy board games, card games, or brain games, our communities offer a variety of opportunities to feed your competitive spirit. Games keep the brain active, of course, and also allow residents to meet new friends with the same interests. Bingo is one of the most popular activities at our communities, as well as more active games, such as pool and ping pong (quite popular at Park Place of Elmhurst). If there is a game you want to play, chances are you will find someone else who wants to jump in there with you.
  3. Spending time with loved ones: This may not seem like a hobby, but it is a favorite activity of so 
    Closeup portrait of a senior man sitting with his daughter and grandson, one of many hobbies for seniors

    While you may not consider spending time with loved ones one of the hobbies for seniors, it is an enjoyable and important aspect of all of our lives.

    many of our Providence family members. We try to keep our communities inviting and friendly, with cozy areas to visit and beverages available for our guests. Guests can visit our aviaries to see our finches and discover if the new birds have hatched from their eggs, tucked into the nests. It’s important that our residents feel comfortable inviting friends and families to visit them at their homes at Providence.
  4. Arts and crafts: Art stimulates the mind, helps retain dexterity in the fingers, and provides beauty–what more could you ask for in a hobby? In many of our memory support programs, craft time is a quiet, reflective time, where residents are engaged in the activity at hand. We have other programs, such as one at Park Place of St. John, where residents have created lovely paintings that have been converted into greeting cards. No matter a person’s age or skill level, everyone can join in making beautiful items.

We invite you to come visit and see the active senior living we offer at our communities. While this list of hobbies for seniors is certainly not exhaustive, we encourage everyone to pursue the activities they love and spend time with those who share that joy. Our Life Enrichment Directors can tell you what hobbies are available to you and your loved ones. Click here to find the nearest Providence community and see what they can offer.