Mothers Day Gift Ideas

No matter how old you are, you always want Mothers Day to be meaningful and joyful for Mom. And if your mom’s health and living situation has changed recently, you may have special concerns about gifts that are no longer appropriate or enjoyable.

But just as you have always found joy in receiving whatever presents your children give you, your mother probably extends that same appreciation to you. The four gifts suggested below are simple, but thoughtful. One of them may be a perfect way to let Mom know how much you love her, without adding stress to your already-busy life!

Mothers Day gifts

1. The gift of confidence

How about a new pair of shoes? If you buy Mom the right pair, you can help her feel more secure on legs that may be increasingly unsteady. Choose a shoe that is low-heeled, with a rubber sole that can grip surfaces, and hook-and-loop fasteners that can be snugged tightly. Ideally, the shoes will be made of natural materials that breathe well, so Mom’s feet can get the best possible circulation and ventilation. You’ll both feel better knowing she’s on secure footing!

Mothers Day gifts

2. The gift of comfort

Maybe your mom has worn sweaters all her life — the added layer of warmth makes her more comfortable when the temperature is low or the air conditioning is high. Try giving her a brightly-colored, stylish shawl this year instead. She can easily throw it over her shoulders when she’s feeling a chill, and she can toss it back over the chair after she warms up. Plus, she just might enjoy the additional convenience of not having to pull a sweater over her head, and not having to take the time to button up a cardigan.

Mothers Day gifts

3. The gift of connections

This one might take a little more time and preparation, but if you start right away, you can still get it done in time for this Mothers Day! Call or email friends and family and ask each one to call her at a specified time. With a little planning, you can arrange it so that Mom gets a call every hour throughout the day — from out-of-state children, grandchildren away at college, friends from the old neighborhood, and people she knows at church. She’ll be blessed all day long, and you’ll enjoy seeing her so happy!

Mothers Day gifts

4. The gift of care

If your mom needs help around the house, and you aren’t able to be there when she needs it, you can hire a qualified caregiver to fill in. In fact, Providence At Home offers caregiving services in increments of an hour at a time, which may be just enough to help you both. They also offer private duty services like grocery shopping, errand-running, and meal preparation — simple services like this can make a meaningful gift.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to choose a “perfect” gift. The gift is only a symbol; the feelings it conveys are what your mom will remember. So no matter what gift you decide to give Mom this year, make sure you also tell her in words and in hugs how much you love her!

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