A New Type of “Nursing Home”

HOMER GLEN, ILL. (January 2013) – No hallways. Perhaps more than any other description, those two words capture the difference between the new Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center and a typical, institutional-style nursing care facility.

Small buildings

The three new buildings on the Victorian Village campus in Homer Glen, Illinois, follow the model known as a “small house” or “green house” type of setting. The two smaller buildings will each house only 10 people. Each resident will have a private room, and those 10 private rooms will surround a great room where the kitchen, dining room, and living room are located and where community life happens.

The third building will be a two-story house with 15 private rooms on each floor. Primarily oriented toward rehabilitation and short-term stays, this building will have space dedicated to therapy. Again, it will feel very much like a home or cottage.

Small staff

Another key to eliminating the typically institutional feeling: the staff will be “universal” workers. No departments — nursing, maintenance, housekeeping — only family-like professionals who will be able to cook a meal or give medications as needed.

Big support

Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center is the first residentially modeled nursing home approved by the State of Illinois. Because it is new, the Department of Public Health had to ask new questions and look with new eyes at the plans and drawings. Toni Colon, of the Office of Health Care Regulation, was determined to ensure that building and licensing codes would be met, but she agreed that they could be met in innovative ways.

Big benefits

While Providence Life Services is proud to be the first to blaze this trail in Illinois, we sincerely hope that many other care providers will follow our lead. This type of home-like care has been proven to result in higher satisfaction levels among family, residents, and staff. For residents, other proven benefits include:

  • Less decline in Activities of Daily Living
  • Fewer instances of depression
  • An increased sense of privacy and dignity
  • More meaningful relationships — with staff as well as family

“We could not do this without God’s blessing,” said Victorian Community Manager Rick Molenhouse (pictured) at the Groundbreaking Ceremonies on December 6, 2012. “And through God’s blessing, this will become a place for renewal, healing, and comfort for additional people within our community.”

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