What if it’s Alzheimer’s?

What if it's Alzheimer's?First, get the facts

Do a little research at a reputable site like the Alzheimer’s Association. They have a LOT of helpful information on their site! You might start with their basic information on “What is Alzheimer’s?

Next, get some help

You and your family don’t have to go through Alzheimer’s alone. Ask Susan Donahue. When her mom started having memory issues, Susan wasn’t sure how to cope. But she got help, and she and her mom are both happier now —

The Providence difference

Providence Memory Care programs combine advanced training with compassionate caring. You and your family can get the support you need. We offer Memory Care in three Illinois locations and two Michigan locations. Contact the Providence Memory Care community nearest you for help and answers whenever you’re ready.

What if it’s Alzheimer’s?

Take things one day at a time. And remember, Providence is here to help.