Going home for the holidays?

sb-holidaysAre you going home for the holidays?

Pay attention to a few signals that can help you know if Mom and Dad are OK. Being with your parents for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other special holidays gives you an opportunity. While you’re there — in the house, in person — you can use all your senses to notice details that aren’t obvious during a phone call. For example:

Is the house clean?
Is there food in the fridge?
Are there stacks of unopened mail?
Is the laundry piling up?
Are your parents well-groomed, in clean clothes?
Have they lost weight?
How often do they leave the house?
Do they ever seem forgetful, depressed, distracted?
Is there any evidence of car accidents?
Are they covering up for each other?

Don’t ignore the signals

If anything raises questions or causes concern, don’t ignore it. Don’t explain it away. Signals like this might not automatically mean your parents are in danger, but it’s important to pay attention. You would hate to return to your own home — and then learn later that Mom fell, or Dad clipped a fire hydrant with the car.

No pressure

The holidays are family time. So enjoy being together! And if you notice anything that worries you, contact the Providence community nearest you and talk with their Community Relations Directors. They’ll help you sort through the signals and decide what action to take. And they’ll do this without pressuring you into a specific decision. Consider Providence a resource!

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