Memory Care

Memory Care symbolized by a helping hand placed around the shoulder of a person with AlzheimersCompassionate Memory Care: Providence offers a better way through Alzheimer’s Disease.

What’s so unique about Providence Memory Care?

  • We ensure that our Memory Care residents have as much freedom as possible. They walk the halls and visit with each other. They play games, paint, and help deliver mail. We work hard to provide compassionate memory care by making connections with them, so we can offer activities that are meaningful and purposeful.
  • We offer our caregiving staff 12 hours of extra training each year that is focused on providing quality, compassionate memory care. This training equips them to design personalized service plans that improve quality of life. (Read this article for more specifics about Providence Memory Care training.)
  • You can be as involved as you want to be. We know we can’t take over your role in your loved one’s life — but by taking over some of the work, we can let you go back to being the daughter or spouse that you want to be.

Choose Compassionate Memory Care

Providence communities offer you and your family a better way through Alzheimer’s. Our Memory Care programs are based on the latest scientific knowledge and a broad review of industry best practices. But the compassionate care that marks all our interactions is what really sets Providence Memory Care apart.

The result is a better quality of life. For people with Alzheimer’s — and their families.

You and your family don’t have to go through Alzheimer’s alone. Ask Susan Donahue. When her mom started having memory issues, Susan wasn’t sure how to cope. But she got help from a Providence community, and she and her mom are both happier now —

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