Retirement Living

Woman enjoying Retirement LivingDo you want to spend your retirement living?

Retirement. Living. Those two ideas go hand in hand at Providence retirement communities. Our campuses are populated with seniors who are busy volunteering, traveling, staying fit, and enjoying their grandkids. They’ve discovered that Providence retirement living offers security, community, and peace of mind.

Retirement Living (also known as Independent Living) is for seniors who do not need medical care or assistance with activities of daily living. It’s for people who want to enjoy a rich social life, but still have a private apartment to relax in. People who want to stay in a retirement community but who do need extra help often choose to hire a private duty caregiver or home health aide.

When should you think about a retirement community?

Obviously, most people want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. But many people who move to a retirement community wish they had done so much earlier. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Do you enjoy maintaining your current yard and house? Some people like mowing the lawn and mopping the floors. Others would much rather spend time playing cards or traveling. And for some people, even if they enjoy home maintenance chores, health problems can be a factor.
  • Are you able to connect with friends and family? If you are no longer able to drive, staying in your own house can lead to greater isolation. Living in a retirement community gives you easy access to people and activities.
  • How’s your health? If you have a medical condition that is likely to decrease your mobility over time, you might want to make plans now to move to a community where more help is available as you need it.

Providence retirement options

You can enjoy Retirement Living at any of the Providence locations below. Clicking on a link will take you directly to that community’s web page

Providence retirement communities in Illinois:

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Looking for affordable senior living options?

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