A Providence of Downers Grove Testimonial: “They make sure you’re taken care of.”

Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center of Downers Grove testimonial

Thomas Lacy, Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center of Downers Grove, rehab patient

Thomas Lacy was on his way to work when another car going 90 miles per hour hit his car. That was the moment that changed his life forever.

After a knee replacement and several months of therapy, Tom is going home. While he’ll still need therapy, he credits the expert team at Providence Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Downers Grove for helping him make so much progress.

“We worked every day,” Tom says. “Physical and occupational therapy every day. Sometimes it was pretty hard. But it felt good, and I’m getting a lot better.”

Right away he noticed a difference in the community. He felt Providence looked and smelled clean, and that the staff really took time to get to know everyone there.

“They’re always attentive to checking to see where you’re at and what your needs are. They make sure you’re taken care of.”

Even though Tom is much younger than the average patient at Providence, he liked the people he worked with, and he appreciated the people who worked so hard to get him better.

“When I’m up and walking around, I would like to come back and say thank you to everybody in here who’s helped me out. There are a lot of good people. There really are.”

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